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Applications For Your Hedge Trimmers

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Planting In The Narrow Garden

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Organic Fruit And Vegetable Gardens

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What Factors Might Be Harmful For Your Plants?

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Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are excellent fruit for the patio gardener and are especially attractive grown in special strawberry planters or tubs, producing their white flowers in late spring and delicious red fruits that ripen in summer. They can also be raised in growbags, planted in late summer to bear fruit the following year. It is possible to retain strawberry plants in growbags for two years but it is probably best if they are replaced annually.

Strawberries have white occasionally pink flowers, with pronounced yellow centers, held in clusters. They have a green, slightly hairy leaves, toothed edges with 3 leaflets per leaf. The leaves often turn brilliant red in the fall.

Early Summer Tasks

Early Summer Tasks

The most important thing is to enjoy the garden during the summer. For a few months everything is madly flourishing, and the best way to keep the garden looking good is to make sure you do 4 things: keep weeds under control, water young plants with short roots the moment they start to flag, mow the grass but never too severely, and look out for pests in the greenhouse, attacking any with biological controls.

Early summer is usually a busy time of year. The weather can be very variable, ranging from sudden late frosts, when you have to run out and cover tender plants, to the hottest day for nine months, when everything in the greenhouse bakes.

How To Make A Garden Walkway Using Stepping Stones

How To Make A Garden Walkway Using Stepping Stones

Do you want to an attractive walkway to lead way to your beautiful yard or garden? Then a great way to give your garden a new look is to try garden stepping stones in your walkway.

Stepping stones are often used to give a natural looking walkway to your garden through the front door of your home. Stepping stones are considered as a work of art which give your walkway or garden a personalize signature of your lifestyle. Using stepping stone in your lawn for walkway not only personalizes your living style but also an adds touch of beauty to your garden.

A series of steps we have discussed below which could be helpful and you can give a better look to your garden using stepping stones.

Garden Storage Boxes Ideas

Garden Storage Boxes Ideas

It is easy to select a garden shed as a storage for every tool and equipment in the garden because of it’s size. But not everyone can always afford to have a shed.A shed can be much to costly. And if space is an issue, then a shed would also be inappropriate. This is where garden storage boxes arrive in; they are less costly and they can help to keep your gardening or lawn tools concealed.

Horticulture resources are not the only items you can maintain inside garden storage boxes. You can also put in the box toys, old products, and other items that you would like to conceal from constant view. But as the title of the items says, it is primarily for storage of garden and yard resources. These items consist of pots, manure, and chemicals. Keeping these items in the garden storage box won’t only help to keep your yard/garden stay structured but secure for the children and any creatures, as well.