The Main Points Of Sustainable Gardening

The Main Points Of Sustainable Gardening – Sustainable gardening, like sustainable farming or industry, can be defined as satisfying our desires and achieving our targets, without harming the rights of others or More »

Rustic Garden Design

Rustic Garden Design – The garden is our own special place, and that’s why we should start by analyzing our needs and expectations. We have to think early about how we use More »

Patio Garden

Patio Garden – A well thought-out patio garden can be a delight. Make a list of the plants you wish to grow and then plan the position of each container, checking that More »

Landscaping The Summer Garden

Landscaping The Summer Garden – An important thing is natural landscape or the terrain of the lawn and the garden area. Whenever possible, it would be great to work with landscape than More »

New Age Gardening Tools

New Age Gardening Tools – Gardening is an art and every art demands imagination, passion and necessary tools to shape the creativity of the artist. Today, gardening has transformed a lot, changing More »


Eryngium (Sea Holly)

Eryngium (Sea Holly)

Sea holly (Eryngium) is a spiky, stiffly branched, architectural plant, perhaps best given space to make its own statement, ideally in a gravel garden. It will also integrate in mixed, sunny borders, providing an excellent contrast to softer plants. If you are growing a blue sea holly plant in containers, place them with other plants that can tolerate dry conditions. Some of them are biennials. This striking plant has deeply cut, bluish-grey leaves, veined white, and spiky steel-blue cones of flowers. Cultivars, which vary in height and the exact shade of blue, include ‘Blue Glitter’, ‘Sapphire Blue’ and ‘Big Blue’.

Sea holly should be grown in full sun and in light, well draining soil. Sea holly does not like to be disturbed so choose a spot where it will not need transplanting.

Keeping Chicken In The Garden

Keeping Chicken In The Garden

Keeping Chicken In The Garden – Chickens are a unique and interesting animals to raise. Unlike most household pets they produce something edible. In fact keeping chickens in the garden for pets can pay off in the long run by being a source of eggs and meat. This food will be fresher than what is purchased in the stores and with little effort can also be organic, truly cage-free, and anything else you wish.

Garden fertilizer

By keeping chickens in the back garden you can rotate between where you plant your garden and where the chickens roam around.

Do You Like Cacti?

Do You Like Cacti?

Cacti have perhaps lost a little of the popularity they enjoyed 50 years ago. No longer do they top the best-seller lists, but they still are to be found in millions of homes and they still remain the least understood of all plants.

Cacti are often regarded as plants which actually thrive on neglect. Hardly any other indoor living thing can put up with such poor conditions and yet outlive its owner. And so there are millions cacti in homes throughout the country which are kept as semi-alive, green ornaments which, apart from some increase in size, hardly change their appearance over the years.

Shade Loving Plants

Shade Loving Plants

Shade Loving Plants – Just because shade loving plants thrive where the sun doesn’t shine, doesn’t mean that they can’t bring color into your garden. The shaded areas of your garden can be just as bright and appealing as the sunny ones. These shade-loving perennials turn all those dim areas, from part to full shade, into a delightful oasis that will only increase in beauty year after year.


Hellebores are among the earliest perennials to bloom in the new year, flowering by January or February in the South, and several weeks later in the North. The flowers are not showy, but when they are the only flowers in the garden, they seem beautiful.