The Main Points Of Sustainable Gardening

The Main Points Of Sustainable Gardening – Sustainable gardening, like sustainable farming or industry, can be defined as satisfying our desires and achieving our targets, without harming the rights of others or More »

Rustic Garden Design

Rustic Garden Design – The garden is our own special place, and that’s why we should start by analyzing our needs and expectations. We have to think early about how we use More »

Patio Garden

Patio Garden – A well thought-out patio garden can be a delight. Make a list of the plants you wish to grow and then plan the position of each container, checking that More »

Landscaping The Summer Garden

Landscaping The Summer Garden – An important thing is natural landscape or the terrain of the lawn and the garden area. Whenever possible, it would be great to work with landscape than More »

New Age Gardening Tools

New Age Gardening Tools – Gardening is an art and every art demands imagination, passion and necessary tools to shape the creativity of the artist. Today, gardening has transformed a lot, changing More »


Drought Tolerant Plants In Full Sun Gardens

Drought Tolerant Plants In Full Sun Gardens

Drought Tolerant Plants In Full Sun Gardens – Areas of your garden that face West or South naturally tend to be much hotter and receive much more direct sunlight. Taking a little time to choose the right plants for these demanding growing conditions can help save you time, money, and water, as well as improve your overall results.

Most plants will require more water under high heat/sun conditions unless they’re native to one of the desert regions, or when established, tend to be drought tolerant. Young plants, or fresh plantings, will require time to grow into their drought tolerant status. Root systems need time to expand and become established, and that length of time will depend in general upon plant type, variety, and the watering method you choose to employ.

Your Cottage Garden In June

Your Cottage Garden In June

Your Cottage Garden In June – June is invariably a busy month for the keen gardener with general garden maintenance consuming the majority of your time. Seedlings should be watered early in the morning and again late evening particularly if you have had a hot summer’s day. Whilst watering inspect the plants as this is an excellent opportunity for you to spot any possible problems long before they develop. Look for the beginning of any diseases or infestations for example greenfly and apply treatment to any of them early on prior to them getting out of hand.

When the weather conditions are very hot probably the single most crucial thing you could do in the garden would be to make sure the plants are kept properly watered.

Good Lawn Care Tips

Good Lawn Care Tips

Good lawn care tips – Proper garden care can seem difficult, but it’s not as hard as it looks. Here are a few general tips for making your lawn green and healthy no matter where you live.

Water it right. In general, you should imitate nature by giving your lawn a single long soak per week, rather than spreading your waterings out to shorter sessions each day.

Don’t cut too short. Long grass looks naturally greener – there’s more surface area on each blade, so more green showing. Longer blades keep the sun off the soil, keeping moisture from evaporating as quickly.

Flowering Trees For Garden Shade And Beauty

Flowering Trees For Garden Shade And Beauty

Flowering Trees For Garden Shade And Beauty – The most important components in a landscape are probably trees. Their prominent shape and size gives the necessary depth to any garden or lawn. Such a large and tall plant can be impossible to ignore in any scenery and they can add a sense of permanence with their remarkable longevity, making it possible for them to be enjoyed through generations. Additionally, trees attract life as they have the ability to support whole ecosystems being a possible home to birds, bees, butterflies, squirrels, small plants, and other creatures. Moreover, trees can also become aesthetic, flowering trees can add beauty and grace apart from a sense of strength and prominence.

There are many kinds of flowering trees, each being valued for their distinct qualities. Here are some of the popular flowering trees in the landscaping scene: