Garden In The Barrels

Garden In The Barrels – During the creation of your garden you may find that you require an especially big container – perhaps to grow shrubs, small trees, or simply a large More »

Feeding The Lawn

Feeding The Lawn – During late spring and summer, the rapid growth of grass means that frequent mowing is essential. The dangers of allowing the grass to grow too tall have already More »

Elements Of Informal Garden

Elements Of Informal Garden – Informal gardens do not have the straight walks and avenues that create obvious places for focal points. Their curves and hidden spaces should reveal eye-catching surprises at More »

Decorative Stones For Landscaping

Decorative Stones For Landscaping – Having a sprawling garden in front of the house is a dream that each one of us has. Beautifying the garden with flowers, hedges, decorative elements, etc. More »

Improving The Conditions Of Your Garden

Improving The Conditions Of Your Garden – Find out how you can stop relying on others for your fruits and vegetables, by building and maintaining your own home organic garden, full of More »


Potting Table Ideas

Potting Table Ideas

Potting Table Ideas – If you have been shopping for a potting table, you have recognized that they aren’t all alike. Some follow a basic design, while others incorporate extra features for additional storage and better organization. If your gardening supplies have become a mess, maybe these features can help you.

Nearly every potting table offers some shelves in addition to the work space. Generally, the bottom shelf will be wide and sturdy. This shelf is the best place to store heavier and larger items – things like bags of mulch and potting soil, planters and buckets, watering cans. Some potting tables have more than one wide shelf. If you are concerned that some tall items might not fit in a multi-shelf unit, measure the items you plan to store.

Winter Hanging Baskets

Winter Hanging Baskets

Winter Hanging Baskets – The plants that will more readily survive the lower temperatures that winter brings. Of course, the first plants that come to mind are evergreens. Little conifers and box look quite nice as an architectural addition to winter hanging baskets and will last all year round. But just because we’re moving into winter that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on the color in our baskets, although of course our choices will be a little more limited.

There are plenty of plants that will go right through the winter and keep our houses looking beautiful, many of them flowering. Here’s a few ideas for flowering winter plants to keep your hanging baskets looking as lovely as they do in the summer.

Give Your Plants The Humidity They Need

Give Your Plants The Humidity They Need

Give Your Plants The Humidity They Need – Cold air requires only a small amount of water vapor before it becomes saturated, and so on an average winter day the air is moist. When you turn on a radiator to warm up this cold air, its capacity to hold water vapor is greatly increased. As the room becomes comfortable the amount of water vapor in the air is no longer enough to keep it moist. The air becomes ‘dry’; in technical terms the relative humidity has fallen.

Central heating in the depths of winter can produce air with the relative humidity of the Sahara desert.

Types Of Garden Rose

Types Of Garden Rose

Types Of Garden Rose – The many thousands of garden rose species and cultivars available all fall within one of the categories below.

Old garden roses

1. Gallica: Probably the oldest rose type. Usually forms small shrubs around 1.2 m (4 ft) high with strong, upright growth and many small bristly thorns. Flowers range from deep pink to purple and have a faint fragrance.