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Jatropha Plant

Jatropha Plant

Jatropha (Gout plant, Buddha belly plant) once belonged in the textbook rather than the garden center, but it is now widely available perennial plant. In Central America it occurs naturally in arid environments – makes it quite adapted to their climate and sandy soils, not needing any supplemental watering. Jatropha is a remarkable oddity – the tall bottle stem remains bare throughout the winter, and then in early spring the flower-stalks appear with a crown of small orange-red blooms. The flowers bloom easily all year round and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Later the long-stalked leaves appear – a conversation piece rather than a thing of beauty. Few plants are easier to grow – hardly any watering is required and it has no special needs.

Applications For Your Hedge Trimmers

Applications For Your Hedge Trimmers

Applications For Your Hedge Trimmers – There are plenty of different applications for your hedge trimmers, making them highly useful garden equipment and well worth the investment. If you have an old pair of trimmers collecting rust in your shed or you have been tossing up the purchase of a pair, these additional applications may just be the lure you need to get out in the garden and do some work.

Trimming bushes and hedges – Of course, the main application for your hedge trimmers is keeping your unruly bushes and hedges in check. If you didn’t regularly prune these plants back, they would quickly grow to uncontrollable proportions, possibly even covering up your house from view.

Planting In The Narrow Garden

Planting In The Narrow Garden

Planting In The Narrow Garden – There are few tips how to plant if you have a narrow garden:

1. Avoid lawn if there is no space for it, or if the area is too shady. Paving, gravel or some other hard surface will look infinitely neater than a trodden lawn – a narrow strip of lawn will inevitably get worn out.

2. Bright, hot colors, such as yellows, oranges and reds, used at the bottom of a narrow garden will appear to shorten the space, and can help balance the length of the property. Cool pale colors, such as blues, pale pinks and lilacs, at the bottom of the garden will appear to recede.



Asters provide some of the best plants for the garden at any time of the year. They add a bright range of colors and shades, giving the border a much needed end-of-season lift. This large genus includes the well-known Michaelmas daisies, essential plants for the fall garden, many of which flower from late summer until the first frosts. Most also last well as cut flowers. The species are as worthy of consideration as the hybrids, some of which have an annoying tendency towards mildew. The genus also includes annuals.

Asters will grow in any reasonably fertile soil, in sun or light shade. Some will do well in poor soil. The taller forms often benefit from staking, especially in sites where they are exposed to strong wind, which can easily spoil them.