4 Signs You Need to Remove a Tree

Deciding to remove a tree isn’t something that homeowners take lightly. The more trees in a garden, the better, right? That’s why they tend to only call on emergency tree removal services when there is a crisis caused by wind or a storm, and a tree or branches come down. But there are signs that you should remove a tree, and these are often visible many months before the tree comes down naturally.

Here’s why you need to remove trees using a professional tree removal service proactively. You want to avoid accidents caused by falling trees. Letting it rot and die can set you up for severe problems in the long run. Your home will be your primary concern, but trees can also hurt passers-by or damage power lines. If a tree on your property poses a risk to either, it needs to be removed urgently.

Urban areas with a high density of trees become hotspots for this type of tree or branch damage. In windy or stormy weather conditions, emergency services receive large amounts of reports of trees becoming problematic in built-up suburban areas. Homeowners are encouraged by councils to speak with a professional tree removal company to assess if trees need to be removed.

Signs you need to remove a tree

  1. Large branches pose potential threats.

More common than trees coming down are large branches that break off. They cause damage to homes, cars and tragically take lives too. If you are concerned that trees on your property have large branches that pose a risk, it’s wise to get them checked out by an arborist. Prevention is the keyword here. You want to take action while you can to prevent an accident from happening.

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2. A tree already shows signs of damage 

If a tree on your property is already damaged, you should take a close look at it. Tree removal specialists recommend professional inspections if the tree has suffered more than 50 percent damage. If so, it’s more than likely they will need to remove the tree. While it may be possible to leave it for a couple of years, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble by being proactive and removing it before it becomes an emergency situation.

3. The tree has lots of dead branches

In some cases, you may notice that only one side of a tree is filled with dead branches. It may be possible to get away with pruning these dead branches, but it may also be prudent to remove the tree altogether. The dead branches could fall at any moment and are a serious liability – particularly when the wind blows.

4.The tree is hollow

A tree can look perfectly healthy from the outside, but inside it may be hollow and rotten. If you suspect the tree is hollow, a tree specialist with help you measure the scope of the problem. If a tree is more than a third rotten or hollow, they will likely recommend the tree is removed.

Not sure how to make the call to call in professional arborists?

Scratch a piece of bark off some of the twigs of a tree. The layer underneath can reveal important information. For example, if it is brown and dry, the tree could be in trouble. Other common signs of a dead tree include:

  • Fungi that you notice growing at the bottom of the trunk
  • Bark that is peeling or shows signs of chipping
  • Cracks or hole in the trunk or branches
  • Dead or hanging branches
  • Twigs that have no living buds at the ends
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Removing protected trees

If a tree species falls under your council’s protection laws, they will take it very seriously whether to allow it to be removed or not. Arborists working for a tree removal company are trained to identify the species and write reports clarifying the tree’s risk. The information they provide will more than likely lead to the council, allowing you to take down the tree.

If you are considering having a tree removed in your garden, you probably want to know when the best time to do so is. The only factor here is price. Will Jones, a professional  Arborist and owner of T&G Tree Services – Tree Removal Central Coast suggests that tree services may be more affordable in winter when contractors aren’t as busy. Remember, preventing damage by removing a tree will save you money and stress in the long-run.



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