5 Common Pest Control Errors to Avoid for Farmers

Across the country, there are more than two million farms in operation growing all kinds of crops to produce the food supply. While they all are extremely different, most will deal with the same problem at least once; pests.

Pests cause all kinds of problems for farmers, some very minor all the way to destroying crops. This is why it’s important to follow smart, proven pest control protocols to keep the problems at bay and help your farm be as successful as possible.

Make sure to avoid these five pest control errors to get your problems under control and to avoid them in the future!

  1. Waiting Until There’s a Problem

For most farms, there are at least one of the most common agriculture pests roaming around their farm. So it’s a smart choice to do some preventative work to avoid major damage to your crops.

Waiting until you see signs of pests can often mean you’re too late and you’re going to have serious issues.

  1. Treating a Wide Variety at Once

At the same time, it’s important to understand which pests are the biggest potential threat and focus on preventing those problems.

Treating too many potential pests at the same time can lead to more ineffective results and continued problems. It’s best to narrow down your treatment plan to a more limited list of pest control solutions.

  1. Forget to Factor in Residue Concerns

Some pest control products require a certain amount of time to pass before the crops can be harvested, missing these guidelines can be devastating. An easy way to avoid that is to choose pest control like, MarroneBIo Venerate, which offers harvest flexibility and makes it easier to plan your treatment.

  1. Focusing on One Area
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While you may have one area of your farm that is more vulnerable to pest issues than others, it’s a good idea to treat the whole acreage to avoid the pests just moving on to another spot.

This is a great way to get the most out of your pest control budget as well by avoiding needing to do whole other treatment later on!

  1. Only Treating Once

Depending on the type of pest and the type of pest control used, you may need to do more than one treatment to really see the results you’re looking for. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ve put one product on and so you won’t have any further problems.

Keeping an eye on your farm and monitoring results is the best way to know what further steps may be necessary.

Pest Control Errors to Avoid on Your Farm

There are so many things to take care of when running a successful farm, the last thing you want is to fall into the trap of these pest control errors and make more work for yourself. Careful planning and a thorough treatment will help minimize the pests you have to deal with and the negative consequences they bring.

For these kinds of situations, it’s often helpful to work with a professional to come up with a solution specifically catered to your farm’s needs!

If you’re interested in learning more about good farming practices, check out our other articles today!

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