5 Easy DIY Garden Decor Ideas

Decorating your garden doesn’t always need to take a lot of effort. You can even upgrade your garden’s look without needing to hire a landscape artist to do the work for you. Why not try to do things on your own? There are many fun and easy DIY projects that you can do by yourself or with your family and friends.


Make your garden truly your own, and have fun decorating it with these five easy DIY garden decor ideas.

  1. Hang some string lights

Hang some string lights or fairy lights on trees, canopies, walls, and fences to turn your typical garden setup into an enchanting garden! Putting up string lights is a simple and affordable DIY decor that will elevate your garden’s design.

If you want to go for a rustic look, you can use rope fairy lights to blend in with your garden’s natural look. You can also attach strip lights to the edges of your garden if you want to have more pronounced lighting.

  1. Explore creative DIY planters

DIY planters are pretty decors that will add a creative twist to your garden. While you can never go wrong with beautiful flower pots in your garden, there’s no harm in veering away from the usual terra cotta pots. Plants or flowers in eye-catching planters or plant stands give your garden a more creative aesthetic.

Here are some creative DIY planters that you can try out:

  • DIY Tiered Ladder Plant Stand

Did you know that you can turn your old vertical ladders into a DIY ladder planter or ladder plant stand? These are perfect for people who have small gardens and want to save on space.

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If you want to create a tiered ladder plant stand, you can use your old garden ladder and just add wooden planks on its steps where you can place your potted plants.

  • DIY Chair Planter

A pretty old chair is perfect for a DIY chair planter and will stand out in your garden. To create your chair planter, you will need to drill a hole on your chair’s seat where you can place a round planter. Make sure that the planter won’t fall through in your hole.

Once you have drilled the hole, sanded the wooden surfaces, or painted the chair, you can place the planter on the hole and fill it with soil and flowers. Viola! You now have a gorgeous addition to your garden!

  • DIY Car Tire Planter

Car tire planters are fantastic ways to add pops of color to your garden! If you have specific areas where you want to keep your car tire planters for a long time, you can place these on the ground. If you think you might move it around your garden from time to time, it would be better to place your car tire planters on top of wooden planks instead. Feel free to choose the option that works best for your garden!

  1. Put Up an Outdoor Home Cinema

Warm summer nights are perfect opportunities to transform your garden into an outdoor home cinema. Your very own garden movie theater is perfect for romantic dates, girls’ night parties, or family movie nights!

Creating the perfect at-home cinema in your garden is a great DIY project that your family and friends will thank you for! To get started, make sure that you have a decent projector. For a bright and crisp display, choose a projector that has at least 3,000 lumens.

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You can hang a plain white cloth to serve as your screen. How big your garden is and how many people will be watching are essential considerations when choosing your screen size, projector, and speakers.

Hang some solar lamps and fairy lights, and throw in some pillows on your lounge chairs to complete your setup! You now have the best DIY outdoor cinema for watching rom-com movies with your friends on summer evenings!

  1. Light your Walkway with Glow in the Dark Pebbles

Finding cracks in your garden’s walkway is normal. Don’t stress over these imperfections, but instead take it as an opportunity to elevate your walkway!

Instead of filling in these cracks with mulch or letting weeds grow through them, fill it with glow in the dark pebbles, and create your own star-filled galaxy in your backyard!

To make your own glow in the dark pebbles, purchase pebbles from your local home improvement store, and cover them with glow in the dark paint. The sunlight during the day will make these pebbles glow for a longer time at night.

  1. Hang DIY Key Wind Chimes

There is nothing like hearing the pretty tinkling sounds from wind chimes and feeling a soft breeze on your face to make you appreciate a beautiful, sunny day. Want to add more charm to your wind chimes? Try making one yourself to give it a fun and rustic vibe that is uniquely you.

A DIY key wind chime is an easy garden decorating project that you can take on. If you have kids, this is fun and easy to do with them as well! All you need are some old house keys, paint, string and a piece of tree branch or stick. Make sure to find a tree in your garden where you can hang your wind chimes!

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The first step in making your DIY key wind chime is to paint your old house keys and stick. Feel free to mix up the colors, and make sure to give your keys two coats of paint. Once the paint has dried, you can hang a piece of string to each key, which you will then hang on to your stick. Tie a piece of string to both ends of the stick so that you can hang it on a tree branch or whatever high perch you can find in your garden.

Make sure that the keys are close enough so that they make sounds when the wind blows, and you can listen to pretty sounds from your DIY wind chimes!


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