5 Terrific Hot Tubs Families Can’t Resist

Hot tubs have long been loved for their therapeutic properties, but today more of us are investing in them for their sheer fun value. The fact is that families love hot tubs, from kids to grandparents, and they’re a safe, cheap way to get together for some quality time together. If you’re tempted to take the plunge, first check out our guide to the 5 tubs families find it hard to resist.

1  SaluSpa Paris Air Jet Inflatable Tub

A robust but great looking hot tub, the Paris Air Jet is great for families, seating up to 6 people and built around a solid I-beam structure to keep the tub stable while everyone has fun; this also keeps the water in as the tub always keeps its shape. The tub holds a huge 250 gallons, and this is heated by an automatic, timer-controlled heater. The real selling point for this family tub is its 7 colour LED lighting cycle, which switches the water’s colour through the rainbow while you’re in it; kids (of all ages!) love it.

2 Lay Z Spa St Tropez

The St Tropez offers some of the best features of the Lay Z Spa range, at a very affordable price. The latest technology and user friendly design combine to give a stylish hot tub which seats 4 adults easily, and can mix and match to suit up to 6 adults with kids. The tub comes with an 87 jet air massage system, so everyone can enjoy the stimulating feeling of a home spa. The water is easy to heat, reaching a very comfortable 40°C in only ten minutes; you can also set the timer to use electricity at the cheapest tariff. This website shows you what a great family hot tub it can be.

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3  Lay Z Spa Monaco Airjet

If you have a bigger family, or just like to invite guests around, the Monaco Airjet could be just what you’re looking for. Seating up to 8 people, this tub is designed to keep its shape, and is also guaranteed leak-proof, which is very important for heavily used tubs. Water quality is ensured, thanks to a filter cartridge and a chemical floater. Massage is provided by a joint air and water jet system, which is both therapeutic and lots of fun for the family. There is also a lockable lid, which is kid proof and also preserves water heat when not in use.

4  IntexPureSpa 6-Person Heated Hot Tub

Family sized tub, easily seating 4 adults, and with extra room for smaller people when needed. This PureSpa 6 seater is easy to assemble and take down, and comes with a carry bag so you can even take it on holiday. There is an inbuilt filtration system, and an insulated cover to keep in the water’s heat when in use; you can set the temperature to between 68° and 104° Fahrenheit at the touch of a button. One stand out feature is the tub’s 170 jet air massage system, providing twice as many bubbles as some inflatables.

5  Lay Z Spa Palm Springs

At the luxury end of the market, the Palm Springs is perfect for the family who likes a touch of California glamour with their hot tub. Seating up to 6 people, there’s plenty of room for adults and kids alike, while the tub is based around sturdy I-beam technology to maintain shape and retain water. The main feature of the Palm Springs is its HydroJet system; unlike air bubbles, the hydro jets can be pivoted to go exactly where you want them.

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