5 Tips For a More Eco-Friendly Home

With more than 95% of the global population breathing polluted air, going eco-friendly is our next big move.


In this day and age, we have to start taking action and do our part against climate change. What’s terrifying is that we are currently in a climate crisis with high pollution statistics. We need to make changes now, and we have to do it together.

Your home is a good place to start! Read on to learn five simple tips to make an eco-friendly home.

  1. Switch to Renewable Energy

In general, every country relies on fossil fuels as its main energy source. In America, 81% of the country’s total energy comes from natural gas, coal, and oil. Now is a good time to switch to renewable energy as it has fewer negative effects on our health and the planet.

Renewable energy is much cleaner and more natural. Renewable energy sources produce fewer emissions and greenhouse gas over their lifetime. You can pick from hydroelectric energy, wind power, geothermal, biomass energy, or solar panels.

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  1. Be Smart In the Kitchen

Zero waste is the first step to being smarter in the kitchen. The goal is to produce the smallest amount of waste that goes into the trash. If you think it’s difficult to do so, then consider composting your kitchen scraps instead.

Composting helps add nutrients and lessens weed growth in your garden. Learning how to meal prep, meal plan, and store food can help minimize your food waste.

  1. Follow the Three R’s
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The three R’s are essential actions needed for an eco-friendly and green home. The first is to reduce what you buy and only go for the items you truly need. Put a stop to impulse buying and always ask yourself, “Do I need this, and will it be put to use?”

The second is reuse. Instead of throwing away old clothes, why not be creative and turn them into something else. For example, you can turn them into napkins, hair towels, or cleaning rags. It helps save cash and allows your old items to last longer.

  1. Turn It Off

We are living in a digital age, relying on our gadgets and electricity to make a living. However, our digital lives can be detrimental to our well-being and the environment.

Every time you use your gadgets, you use energy that comes from a non-renewable source. Constantly looking at your screens can also affect your health, such as back pain and strained eyes.

You must switch off your devices now and then and head outside. Put down your phones and laptops to take a walk or go sightseeing.

  1. Plant Your Own Ingredients

Growing your own vegetable, fruits, and herbs can be quite cost-efficient and energy-saving. Herbs are the best and easiest to grow. You can have a herb garden or keep them in small pots near the kitchen window.

Having some plants around your home helps consume carbon and produce more oxygen. Aside from the aesthetics of the plants, you also have natural air purifiers in your home.

Go For an Eco-Friendly Home and Sustainable Architecture

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With these tips, you’re on the way to becoming an eco-friendly home. You have to ensure that you stick to these cost-efficient lifestyle changes so you can lessen your personal influence on the environment.

Want to commit to the green lifestyle? Check out the rest of our guides today to start making changes.

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