7 Benefits of Having a Bird Bath in Your Yard

Are you looking for a great way to spruce up your backyard? Maybe you want to find some yard décor that will add a pop of color or a centerpiece that will tie your other design elements together.

If that sounds familiar, you may want to consider buying a bird bath. Bird baths are versatile pieces of yard décor that offer many benefits beyond simply looking good.

You may have refrained from buying a bird bath in the past because you’d heard some popular bird bath myths–but many of these are easily debunked.

The truth is, a bird bath has a lot to offer your yard, especially if you have a garden. Read on to learn about seven benefits of owning a bird bath.

  1. Draw Birds to Your Yard

The most obvious benefit of having a bird bath in your yard is that it will draw in birds; if you enjoy birdwatching, that’s already reason enough to install a bird bath!

You might think, “Can’t I get the same effect from a bird feeder?” Not exactly–while a bird feeder will also draw in birds, feeders and baths attract different types of birds, so having one doesn’t make the other obsolete.

Some birds won’t care about the seeds in your feeder, but they’ll love the chance to preen and bathe in your bird bath!

How do birds take baths, you ask? They splash around in the water, moving their feathers in a way that will channel the water down to their skin.

  1. Bring Bees to Your Garden

Birds aren’t the only thing drawn in by a nice bird bath: bees will also be interested in the new water source. A clean pool of water like a bird bath is the perfect place for bees to gather water for their hive.

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While you might not want to engage with a bee the way you might like to with a bird, these little insects are still useful to have around.

Bees are excellent pollinators, so drawing them to your garden is a good thing. The bees will come for the water, then pollinate your plants while they’re in the area!

  1. Protect Yourself From Pests

Bees may be a boon to your garden, but most other insects aren’t quite as helpful. Whether you have a vegetable or flower garden, there are all kinds of harmful bugs you need to protect your plants from.

A bird bath can help with that. As we’ve said, a lot of the birds that are drawn to bird baths wouldn’t show up for seed-filled feeders; that’s because they don’t eat seeds. They eat insects.

An influx of pest-eating birds can keep those bugs away from your plants, allowing them to grow in a healthier environment. Bees and wasps that are attracted by the bird bath will also help with this.

  1. Aerate Your Soil

If you want a healthy lawn, aeration is important. If you’re growing a garden, that’s doubly true. Aeration is crucial to fostering the growth of strong, healthy plant life.

Aeration is the process of adding oxygen to your soil. It stops your soil from becoming too compact, making it easier for roots to get water and minerals that a plant needs to survive.

It may come as a surprise, but a bird bath can lead to better soil aeration for your yard–and you won’t even have to do the work yourself.

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Those bug-eating birds we mentioned before will search for food in the dirt. They’ll use their talons and beak to gently dig up small patches of soil in search of insects and worms, aerating your lawn for you.

  1. Keep Birds Healthy

A bird bath isn’t something our feathered friends do just for fun. Like humans, birds need to bathe regularly to keep themselves clean and healthy. That means that it’s important to keep your bird bath clean, too!

Bird bath designs can have a big impact on how useful the bath is to birds. For instance, you should avoid deep bird baths–birds don’t need more than two inches of water to bathe in.

You should also try to keep your bird bath in the shade so the water stays cool. Some nearby cover helps, too–birds would like a place to fly to if they get frightened.

  1. Add Some Beautiful Decoration

Setting aside the benefits of bringing in birds, bird baths are also a great addition to your yard on an aesthetic level. Bird bath designs are often elegant, natural shapes that look beautiful in your yard.

There are all kinds of bird bath ideas when it comes to decoration. Do you want a large, stone bird bath to serve as a centerpiece for the rest of your yard décor? What about a small, hanging bird bath for little birds?

Bird bath fountains can add a beautiful water feature to your yard, while heated bird baths maintain their placid pools even in winter.

As a bonus, many of the birds themselves are also attractive, bringing color and song to your backyard.

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  1. It’s a Learning Experience

Bird baths are a way for you to interact with and learn about your backyard nature. It brings all kinds of new creatures to your yard, from unfamiliar bird species to bees and other helpful insects.

Seeing some of these new critters may pique your interest. What kind of bird has that plumage? What do they like to eat? Are they native to the area, or are they just passing through?

Learning about these animals is fun and interesting–and it’s a great way to pass the time while relaxing in the garden. It can even be a fun family activity that kids can participate in!

Enjoy the Benefits of a Bird Bath

When you buy a bird bath, you aren’t just buying a fun conversation piece for the next time you have a garden party. You’re helping the health of your backyard nature (and improving your garden while you’re at it).

Choosing a good bird bath is one way to spruce up your backyard, but there are many others! For more advice on proper lawn care and yard décor, visit our lifestyle blog!

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