Annual Flowers In Fall Garden

Annual Flowers In Fall Garden – These are the easiest to grow and most popular annual plants for the fall garden. Try them yourself: ageratum, alyssum, antirrhinum, calendula, centaurea, clarkia, cosmos, larkspur, pinks, godetia, gypsophila, helichrysum, impatiens, linaria, lobelia, nasturtium, nemesia, nicotiana, phlox, poppy, salvia, stock, sweet pea, tagetes, verbena, viola and zinnia.

–  Wait until all risk of frost is past before you buy summer bedding plants, unless you can keep them under cover. Plant them out when you see your town parks department put theirs out.

–  If using the same bed for spring and summer displays, dig in compost before the fall planting and apply a granular fertilizer after removing the spring plants.

–  For patterns of different colored flowers, mark where each type of plant is to go by outlining the area with a trail of sand.

–  When buying summer bedding plants, choose the bushy ones which aren’t yet in flower.

–  Use annuals to fill in the gaps in your new perennial plantings.

–  Get your annual climbers such as sweet peas, Nasturtiums or black-eyed Susan (Thurthergia alata), off to a good start indoors. Then set out their supports before you add the plants.

Sweet peas

Create the most beautiful fall colors

These are the easiest to grow and most popular fall color plants. Try them yourself: grape vine, heather, larch, Liquid ambar, Maple, Poplar, prunus, Sumach, Turkey oak, Virginia creeper and Witch-hazel.

–  Site your fall color trees and shrubs where they will be protected from gales and early frosts.

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– Make sure a fall flowering perennials are well staked to keep them upright in fall winds.

– Color-theme your fall foliage display by choosing trees and shrubs with either red and purple, orange and bronze or yellow and brown leaf colors.

–  Consider the Sorbus group of trees, for various leaf and berry color. For instance, ‘Joseph Rock’ has yellow berries and `November Pink’ has pink berries.

Sorbus tree

–  Fill in the spaces in front of your fall color shrubs with sedums and fall flowering bulbs such as nerines and colchicums for some low level color.

–  For unusual color in your tubs and window-boxes, try the ornamental cabbages and kales. They are easy to grow and develop their full color as the weather gets colder.

–  Grow Japanese maples in oriental-style pots on your patio to bring their attractive leaves close to the house.

–  To get a good display of berries on firethorn (Pyracantha), be sparing when you prune it. Choose from varieties with berries ranging from yellow to orangey-red, and upright or spreading growth habits.

–  Choose varieties of Michaelmas daisies that are mildew resistant. Split the clumps every other year to keep a good supply of flowers coming.

Michaelmas daisies

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