Anthuriums are not cheap, but they do have a distinct air of luxury. The flowering ones are the only types you are likely to find – large waxy ‘palettes’ each with a colored ‘tail’ at the center. These exotic blooms last for many weeks and the flowering season stretches from spring to late summer. Unfortunately Anthuriums are not easy to grow and only the most popular one (Anthurium scherzerianum) is reasonably tolerant of ordinary room conditions.

The Crystal Anthurium is one of the most eye-catching of all foliage house plants, but it is not easy to care for nor easy to obtain. It needs moist air and careful watering, and the aerial roots should be pushed into the damp compost.


Types of Anthuriums

Anthurium scherzianum (Flamingo flower or Pigtail plant) is the one to choose for the home. It grows about 1 ft high and has a curly tail. Brilliant red is the usual color but a white variety (A. album) is available. A. andreanum is a much larger plant (2-3 ft high) and is more suited to the conservatory than the living room. White, pink, orange and red varieties are available. There is a single foliage species – A. crystallinum. The leaf color changes from bronzy-purple to deep green with age – the foliage hangs vertically, displaying the prominent silvery veins.


Secrets of success

Temperature: Average warmth – minimum 60°F in winter.

Light: Bright in winter. Protect from summer sun.

Water: Give a little water every few days to keep compost moist at all times.

Repotting: Repot in spring every 2 years.

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Propagation: Divide plant at repotting time.




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