Applications For Your Hedge Trimmers

Applications For Your Hedge Trimmers – There are plenty of different applications for your hedge trimmers, making them highly useful garden equipment and well worth the investment. If you have an old pair of trimmers collecting rust in your shed or you have been tossing up the purchase of a pair, these additional applications may just be the lure you need to get out in the garden and do some work.

Trimming bushes and hedges – Of course, the main application for your hedge trimmers is keeping your unruly bushes and hedges in check. If you didn’t regularly prune these plants back, they would quickly grow to uncontrollable proportions, possibly even covering up your house from view.



Shaping bushes and hedges – Commonly known as topiary, the use of trimmers in the art of shaping hedges and bushes is widespread. This task involves a plant being shaped into a particular design and it can be as simple as a square or a pyramid or as detailed as an animal or even a car – the choices for topiary really are endless. A detailed guide on the best cordless hedge trimmers you can find on

Thinning bushes and hedges – Some plants are actually known to grow quite thickly, which can be a big problem when they begin to obstruct pathways or windows and when trying to keep the growth under control. It is for this reason that hedge trimmers are also commonly used to thin out bushes and hedges, one branch at a time. Not only does this make the plants more manageable, they can also look much more attractive.

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Fruit picking – Many farmers have found that trimmers can be useful tools for quickly picking fruit from their orchards. How often have you seen trees that have rotten fruit lying scattered around their trunks? Often, this can be caused by people pulling fruit off the trees – other pieces simply fall off from the jolt. The use of a trimmer, however, can prevent the unpicked fruit from being disturbed.

Grass cutting – It is also possible to use your hedge trimmers to cut the grass in your yard. Whilst it would be silly to think that you could mow your entire lawn in this way, the trimmers make it easier to cut around the objects that our lawn mowers can’t, such as tree trunks, play equipment and rocks.

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