Aquaponics Garden: Growing Organic Vegetables

Aquaponics Garden: Growing Organic Vegetables – As a grower of organic vegetables you are obviously a person who believes in sustainable farming. However, most organic farming methods are very labor intensive and they also are rather low in productivity since there are many restrictions on the kinds of fertilizers and pest control methods you can use. One way that you can increase the yield from your garden is by switching to a system of farming called Aquaponics.

This system combines Hydroponics and Aquaculture and involves growing plants and fish in the same system without any soil. This is one of the best systems of sustainable farming available because it is possible to get an immense amount of produce out of a limited area.


Since the plants lie in a solution filled with nutrition they are able to grow faster than plants that grow in soil, enabling you to get more crops out every time you grow plants. You wont have to use any fertilizer either since the waste from the fish will provide the plants with the nutrition you need.


Aquaponics is the most popular option adopted by people interested in sustainable farming. Since the gardening system is generally very compact and requires little to no fertilizer and pest control, the garden’s overall carbon footprint is very low. It also uses a fraction of the water that a regular garden requires since there is no wastage of it. The plant roots filter out most of the waste of the fish, thereby ensuring that the water never has to be thrown out.

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Aquaponics system

It is extremely easy to set up an Aquaponics garden. You do need to invest in basic equipment; luckily they are easy to obtain and don’t cost too much money. You need to start with a fish tank made of a material that is safe for fish to live in. Secondly, you’ll need a proper filtration system and a water pump. You will then need to get seeds or cuttings of the plants that you propose to cultivate. Finally, you’ll also need to get fish that will be an integral part of the system. Make sure that they are from a good source and that they are free from diseases.


Sustainable farming becomes very easy once you start growing plants by Aquaponics. You will have the immense satisfaction of reducing your negative impact on the environment whilst earning a lot of money from your enterprise.


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