Arbors And Trellises As Garden Décor

Arbors And Trellises As Garden Décor – Garden décor makes all the difference in making your yard or garden into a true outdoor home. Whether you have a large yard with multiple garden beds, or simply a small patio with furniture and potted plants, garden décor can help you to create a beautiful, welcoming space where you can get away from it all, entertain, relax and enjoy the beauties of nature.

Garden décor uses several basic elements, such as lighting, arbors, trellises, steppingstones, statues and outdoor furniture to create focal points, natural gathering areas, lines of sight and activity areas. This article will focus on the use of arbors and trellises to transform your garden design.


Garden Arbors are a beautiful addition to almost any garden. Covered with lovely climbing flowers, they can be used to create an entrance to a different part of your yard or garden, a frame for a fountain or beautiful planting of flowers, or as a welcoming arch over the front path to your house. Arbors are typically made of metal, wood or durable white vinyl. Each material will provide a different look for your space, so consider whether you want a natural wood look that will blend into the background or a classic white (vinyl) or black (usually wrought iron).


Trellises can be used to separate off one part of your garden or patio from another. Where there is an unattractive view, a need for privacy or simply a desire to separate one part of your yard, patio or garden from another, a trellis is one of the simplest and prettiest pieces of garden décor you can use. Like arbors, they are usually available in wood, metal or vinyl. If you plan to use both an arbor and a trellis, it is often a good idea to have them match in color and design. A wonderful effect, for example, is to have an arbor as the entrance to a garden, with a matching trellis at the far end of the garden and visible through the arch of the arbor as you approach it. Very charming!

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The best plants for arbors and trellises

Some of the best climbing plants for arbors and trellises include morning glories, sweet peas, clematis, ivy and grape vines. Morning glories and sweet peas are quick growing annuals. Even in a cold climate, if started early they will cover the whole arbor with beautiful green leaves and gorgeous flowers by the middle of the summer. One terrific strategy is to plant both morning glories and their evening blooming relatives, moonflowers. The deep blue morning glories will greet you in the morning, and in the late afternoon and evening you’ll be entranced by the lovely white moonflowers and their lovely scent.

Clematis, climbing roses, ivy and grape vines are perennials in most climates, and choosing a perennial for your arbor or trellis can be a great decision. Aside from some simple pruning each year to remove old leaves and stems, climbing perennials require little effort on your part. They will simply send out new leaves and flowers year after year, creating a beautiful, living arch or screen. Clematis flowers come in a wide variety of colors, from deep purple to white and many shades of pink, while grape vines and several kinds of ivy will offer you a lovely selection of attractive green leaves.

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