Attracting The Local Wildlife: Bird Feeders

Attracting the local wildlife to the backyard is certain to appeal to the enthusiastic gardeners and animal lovers. Bird baths and bird feeders are the most-effective way to attract the feathered friends. They are available in many shapes and sizes to provide a safe platform for the different bird species. A small platform is a perfect choice to attract the song birds. The large size feeders are better at holding more food and requiring fewer refills.

Here are several of the main types of bird feeders:


1. Platform. A simple platform feeder comes with a large open tray to attract multiple species at once. A single feeder can include two or three platforms resting above each other. They are easily hung from a high tree branch or attached to a suitable pole. Platform feeders are great for encouraging the doves, towhees, cardinals and goldfinches.

2. Hummingbird. A hummingbird feeder is used to attract this specific breed of bird. The feeders are functional as well as decorative. They are made in materials like metal, plastic and glass and painted in a bright color to attract the birds. Hummingbird feeders are designed to dispense nectar as a food source and not seeds like many of the other options.

3. Bird baths. A bird bath is a perfect addition to any garden. Bird baths can appear highly attractive and create a main focal feature for the outside space. They also offer the function of providing fresh water to the birds for bathing and drinking.

4. Hopper. The hopper feeder is designed with a large reservoir to hold the feed. The birdseed is easily collected by the birds through the port holes. They can vary in design. A common design includes a large tray or platform for the bird to perch while eating. The hopper feeder can attract small to large birds like the blackbirds and jays. The hopper-style feeder can even come with ports that slide close to prevent heavy animal eating the food. This is especially helpful in those gardens that seem to attract a lot of chipmunks and squirrels.

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5. Squirrel-proof. A squirrel-proof bird feeder is available in many shapes and sizes. They are highly effective at stopping squirrels getting access to the seeds. Some designs include small openings or domes to prevent the furry critters from getting a foothold or access to the food. Other feeders include weight-trigger mechanisms to close the seed ports as soon as the heavier weight of a squirrel is detected.


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