Children’s Garden Design

Children’s Garden Design – Children vary in their needs and temperaments as much as adults do, and their desires change with alarming speed as they grow up. So think carefully before starting with children’s garden design and investing in any of the playground-style equipment that you see in the shops, however well made and designed, it has a limited life. Continue Reading

Well-Placed Attractive Decking

Well-Placed Attractive Decking – Landscape architects and developers pass up the opportunity to enhance the ambiance of their projects by including some well-placed attractive decking. Everyone loves a deck. Backyard decks are so inviting and they make you want to kick back and relax. Even a simple wooden deck gives you place to sit and enjoy during summer season. Continue Reading

Garden Ground Patterns

The core of garden design is concerned with garden ground patterns, and the spaces within the patterns, based on an understanding of simple geometry. We can achieve this in difficult ways. Inspiration can came from many different disciplines – collage, abstract painting, architecture, furniture, Persian carpets, textiles or packaging, for example. Continue Reading

Herb Gardens

Herb gardens – Herbs can be grown in terracotta pots, wicker baskets, or in clumps in the flower beds; anywhere in fact where the soil is reasonable and the position sunny. They look their best, though, in a formal setting: a traditional herb garden divided into small beds with narrow paths between them. The path can be made of stone, brick or pavers, or you could use gravel and small edging tiles. Continue Reading