Backyard Design – Tips & Ideas

‘Backyard’ seems just an ordinary word, but for some people it can be a place for relaxation, for some people it can be a medium of earning, for some it can be a place to relieve stress or an activity area. It’s all about different people, having different expectations and different meanings to a particular thing, but, there is a common picture which everyone draws in mind instantly on hearing this word. A person assumes a deep green aisle, fresh air all around, sitting on the swing and flying in the air with rustling of leaves, chirping of birds-a sky so serene, and beauty everywhere while thinking about a backyard. The backyard is considered as the most intimate space in our landscape and a paramount place to relax.

The backyard design is mainly dependent on the ways a family use it. Families having small children may focus on designing their backyard with a play area, however, family with no children may bring highlight on the patio and gardens. Moreover, to design the yard around a pool is also a remarkable idea. The gardens having low maintenance, low turf-grass, are in trend. In order to design a backyard, some tips can prove to be helpful.

– First of all a picture of the entire space should be drawn by using a graph paper, this will help in getting the picture of the entire space. In addition, out buildings, fences and fairly accurate location of trees should also be drawn.

– Furthermore, front and center of the backyard should be focused with decorative plants that can bring a mesmerizing effect.

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– Moreover, blended gardens can be used that includes ornamental and edible plants to perform a double duty and prove to be sustainable for the homeowners.

– Patios should be placed close to the door way; however, the fire pits may be designed on the opposite side of the patio from the house. This is because you would want to enjoy the fire pit while on your patio but don’t let the smoke blow into the house anyway.

– It should be kept in mind that flower gardens work best against a fence because fences help in creating a partially shaded area along with windbreak for many kinds of flowers. Moreover, this should be away from the play area, so that children may not accidentally run on the flowers.

– At the far side of the yard, a beautiful pond can be created providing a soothing effect with lots of foliage and bench seating. The size of the pond may depend on the size of the back yard.

– Finally, the back yard should be designed in accordance with your budget, and affordable trends can be added to the design. The homeowners should assume a sustainable design for environmental and economic reasons, so that it does not only provide gorgeous cottage-garden beauty but also their garden plants have forbearance of dry summers and wet winters.

In this manner, the above tips can help you in designing your back yard or landscaping your home. Landscape plans helps in turning ideas into visuals and by following these ideas you can surely expect a beautiful backyard that adds glory to your home, family, and feelings.

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