Bermuda Grass For Your Perfect Lawn

Bermuda grass is a very superior type of grass, and very popular to many home owners. It is drought resistant compared to other grasses. It can stand the full heat of the sun. It grows in any kind of soil. It does not require much maintenance.

A lawn with Bermuda grass is very easy to maintain. When these grasses are well taken cared off, they can be good turf. Bermuda grass grows easily by nature, even if it is not watered regularly. It is able to keep color of lush green all year round. Its economical seeds grow on any climatic conditions. This is the reason why it grows in many areas.


Bermuda grass needs summer season temperature which is 65 to 75 degree temperature. This is an important requirement next to the soil which should be moist. The lawn where you plan this should have water regularly. If none, it should be watered. Soil temperature should also be monitored because soil has drastic temperature change. This drastic temperature change damages the germination of Bermuda grass.

First thing to do before planting Bermuda grass is toiling. This is removing all other plants that may affect the growth of the Bermuda, like weeds. Make sure that you plant the seeds neither too shallow nor too deep in the soil. Also take note that Bermuda grass takes 60 to 90 days to complete germination.


Planting Bermuda grass is fairly easy. Prepare the lawn first. Make sure that the lawn is cleaned from unwanted elements that might affect the normal growth of Bermuda. Remove weeds and other dirt. This can be done by tilting. Make sure the soil inhibits a perfect balance.

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Add fertilizers. The PH neutralizing fertilizers are best for Bermuda grass. This results to nice healthy and greener grass.

When it is time to plant the seeds, make sure that they are uniformly distributed in the soil. If too cluttered, the Bermuda might not grow properly, or might take longer to grow.


And throughout your maintenance, always maintain soil moisture. Constantly check the right temperature of soil, and remove weeds regularly.

To be able to have a healthy Bermuda grass, you should be able to have the perfect lawn for your grass. A prefect lawn has a grass height of at least 1.5 inches, and not taller than 2 inches.

Mow the height of your grass because it may block the sunlight that is needed by your grass. Your mower should have a sharp blade so it can cut even the thickest grass. Your lawn should have a perfect draining system because a lot of damage by water.


Apply fertilizer only very minimally. Lawn should have a consistent maintenance. If there are bear spots, it should be repaired.

Plot a regular watering schedule. This is very important because over watering can only cause flooding and causes fungal growth. Under watering will result to dry grass.

Mow your lawn to remove weeds. This is important to have a healthy grass. Use only small amount of fertilizer. Fertilizers determine grass fuel level. Maintain the height of the grass. It should have standard grass. This can be done by mowing.


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