Brick Patios Design

Brick Patios Design – Many homeowners make use of part of the available outdoor space by paving bricks to create a brick patio. The space so created can be used for recreational activities and entertaining friends and family. Many consider it worthwhile to get the patio laid by specialized contractors, but some DIY enthusiasts claim that anyone with little exposure to masonry and patience can create a lovely brick patio having professional looks.

You can give your brick patio any shape of your choice, but care should be taken to take correct measurements to ensure buying the right quantity of bricks of the desired shape and size. The ground should be leveled and given the correct incline to make sure that excess rain water doesn’t get collected.

Some specialists suggest preparing a bottom layer consisting of compacted stone or similar material in order to get a firm base to be covered with garden fabric. This is done to prevent the growth of weeds between the bricks. Once the bricks get laid, the gaps between them should be filled up by additional stones or sand to get a more stable floor.

If you decide to construct a brick patio on your own, without professional help, it is recommended to have a trial run and make certain that bricks are fitting according to your plan. This can be done by leveling the ground, and laying the bricks according to the plan. An amateur mason would soon be able to make out if additional bricks are required, or if the number should be reduced to match the planned design.

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The maintenance of a brick patio would require occasional washing with the help of a hose, and keeping a watch for any sign of moss or weeds. In case any mold, moss or unnecessary plants start appearing, they can easily be removed by spraying the patio with a sprayer or powerful hose. When finding any seeds or leaves over the patio, the debris must be removed quickly to stop any seeds or shells from going beneath the bricks and taking roots.

Brick patios are ideally suited for playing, relaxing and outdoor dining. If you are fond of grilled food, you can set up a BBQ or grill on the patio having no plants. That minimizes the risk of any accidental fire. Including a brick patio design in your residence certainly allows having a more functional backyard that may be enjoyed all through the year.

There is none denying that a brick patio is especially helpful and enjoyable during the summers. A partly covered patio can further be used during the rainy season, and by incorporating some kind of heating arrangement, it makes a great place for reading and taking short breaks. You can transform a brick patio to a warm and comfortable den for the winters by using available overhangs or awnings for making a roof to partly cover the area occupied by the patio. You may include sturdy outdoor furniture, and warm up the space with pillows and blankets. Else, you may consider including an outdoor heater and enjoy the comfort and pleasure of this area all around the year.

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