4 Tips to using retaining walls in a creative way

Retaining walls are important in holding back dirt as it’s basically a structure that holds soil behind it. But not only that, it’s also commonly used in multi-level garden perimeters, landscaping, and even for aesthetic purposes. Retaining walls can be made in different materials, like wood which is perfect for timber sleeper walls. It can also be made from concrete and stone to build rock/boulder walls. Continue Reading

Getting Your Garden Ready for Entertaining

Gardens are a great place for entertaining, whether you want to have a dinner party, a BBQ or just a social drink– they can be the perfect venue for your guests in the warm weather.  If you are lucky enough to have a decent size garden where you can invite some friends around, you will definitely want to make sure it’s ready for your guests. We have put some top tips together to help make sure it’s ready for entertaining. Continue Reading

How to Maintain your Wooden Garden Shed

It could be that you have opted for a wooden shed to feature in your garden.  After all, they are traditional, rustic and great to look at.  You can even paint them in any colour you want to fit in with the decoration you have in mind to make it more picturesque.  Wooden sheds are known for their imperfections but that is actually part of their charm.  They have been around since forever, and they don’t see to be decreasing in popularity. Because of the material of the shed, it can require some maintenance, but will make a perfect summer garden project if you are that way inclined.  Continue Reading

5 Reasons that Biodynamics and Tree Management are Important in 2018

The world has gotten so industrialized that it is about time focus shifted to taking care of the environment that the new age is destroying. The numbers of automobiles on roads are in their millions. The smoke from companies is also on the rise. Given that most of the foods that have the best nutrients are extracted from the ground calls for a need to better manage trees and employ biodynamics all over. Biodynamic agriculture pays attention to all the components of the environment such as soil fertility, the growth of plants, and best care to animals since they are all correlated. Below are some of the reasons to employ both biodynamics and tree management. Continue Reading

5 Tips to Selecting the Best Heat Press Machine

You have found yourself marveling at a printed fabric or material appreciating the wonders of graphic design. This is all thanks to heat press machines that enable the transfer of these images from the computer to the printed material. With the very many models of heat press machines available, one may get confused when trying to select and purchase a machine for business or even home use. Here are 5 tips that you can consider when selecting a heat press machine. Continue Reading