Fall Colors Of Flowers, Foliage And Berries

Foliage and berries are the obvious source of color in the fall garden but there are still plenty of brightly colored flowers to be appreciated at this time of year. If you intersperse them carefully among the earlier flowering plants, they will come into their own when the others are over. Many are tall, so put them at the back of the border and stake them early. Continue Reading

Using Macramé Plant Holders

The art of making macramé plant holders has existed for a very long time, and macramé itself dates back to as early as the 13th century. Macramé is a type of art that uses tying knots as opposed to knitting, braiding, or weaving. Usually knots are square knots using half hitch and also full hitch knots. Macramé has been used to create many accessories such as plant holders, belts, jewelry and so much more. Continue Reading