Growing Bertolonia

Growing Bertolonia – Bertolonia (or Jewel Plant) is an evergreen species of pretty, dwarf, creeping, tender perennials, native to tropical forests of Brazil. A rarity, but well worth looking for if you have a terrarium or plant window to fill. Not a good choice, however, for the living room – Bertolonia needs the high humidity of its jungle home. Bertolonia marmorata require special conditions of constant warmth and very humid atmosphere and will not thrive without them.

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Indoor Hanging Baskets

Indoor Hanging Baskets – A group of attractive indoor plants in a hanging basket will indeed provide a beautiful display, but do not rush into hanging a container from a hook in the ceiling or a bracket on the wall until  you have carefully studied the difficulties. 

The air will be warmer and drier than at floor or windowsill level. The height of the display usually makes watering difficult, and  when water is applied too liberally the basket may drip on to the  floor. 

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Indoor Bonsai Trees

Indoor bonsai is a relatively new idea which has not come from Japan. The center of interest appears to be Germany but the concept has now spread to other countries. You can buy indoor bonsai trees from garden centers and nurseries throughout Britain.

The basic difference from the traditional outdoor bonsai is that non-hardy trees and shrubs are used here. Indoor bonsai are generally much better suited than hardy types to the conditions found in the average home, and of course they must be kept indoors during the winter. Thus they can be regarded as true house plants, although during the summer months they should be given the standard bonsai treatment. This calls for keeping them outdoors and then bringing them inside for a few days at a time.

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Abutilon (Flowering Maple)

Abutilon (Flowering Maple) – The typical Abutilon or flowering maple is a vigorous shrub with large Sycamore-like leaves and pendant blooms which are borne on slender stalks between early summer and fall. It is a plant which needs room to spread – a large window which receives some filtered sunlight during the day is ideal.

The leaves are often variegated with white or yellow patches and a couple of varieties (A. striatum thompsonii and A. hybridum savitzii) are regarded as foliage house plants which bear summer flowers as a bonus. Abutilon is not a difficult plant to grow despite its exotic appearance. It needs neither unduly warm conditions nor moist air and it benefits from being stood outdoors in summer.

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Indoor Winter Gardening

Indoor Winter Gardening – People with indoor gardens residing in areas that have chilly wintry months must remember that even though the plants indoors are shielded from the fury of the elements raging outside, a lot of safety measures should be taken and modifications carried out for indoor winter gardening.
In the first place, if you purchase new plants in winter, ensure they are properly enveloped in newspapers or paper covers for that brief walk from the shop to your vehicle, and from there to your residence. Always bear in mind that even a momentary contact with the outside cold air can harm or even destroy some houseplants. Never put the plants in the boot of your vehicle. It is always advisable to place them in front and switch on the heater.

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How Indoor Plants Grow Under Light?

How Indoor Plants Grow Under Light? Grow lights offer a variety of benefits to indoor plants. Light-loving houseplants like hibiscus, citrus, African violets, and orchids can grow year-round under lighting. Also, a winter harvest of salad greens and herbs is possible with the proper lighting system. Here are several points to consider with the different grow lights:


The intensity of light is determined by several factors, including the distance between the light source and plants and the wattage of the bulb. Plants can vary quite significantly in relation to the amount of light required.


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