Secret Garden Style

Ever since gardens were first made, emphasis has been laid on their seclusion; they were seen as retreats from the fierce world outside. The idea of the hortus conclusus has run through garden design since Roman times, and was influential in shaping both Moghul and medieval European gardens. The ‘secret garden’ has appeared in the literature of many lands. Hidden gardens within a garden were common in 16th century England, and only went out of fashion with the ‘landscape’ movement in the 18th century. Continue Reading

Landscaping On A Slope

Landscaping On A Slope – Yards with hills and slopes can present challenges to landscapers. Here are some suggestions for working with them. You may even discover that your problem is hiding an opportunity to make your yard even more interesting. Slopes can present challenges to landscapers. But a good landscaper can find a way to turn those challenges into opportunities to showcase their yard. Continue Reading

Silver-Leaved Plants In Garden Design

Silver-Leaved Plants In Garden Design – Plants that have colorful foliage are commonly found in ornamental gardens. Often or not, they are just thrown in without sufficient thought or consideration. They are most effective however, when their specific design potential is understood. This is true for a large number of garden plants whose foliage color is some variant of silver, grey or bluish-green. Continue Reading