Succulent Plants: Growth And Care

Succulent plants are slightly different from typical herbaceous perennial plants because succulents are plants that have adapted to environments in which water is unavailable for long periods of time. As a result of this, much of their uniqueness is related to their relationship with water. Succulent plants are very efficient when it comes to collecting …

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Marigolds – Planting And Care

Marigolds – The most common types of marigold are the wild marsh marigold, the tall African marigold, and the robust French marigold. African and French cultivars frequently are hybrid to sustain longer bloom and soften their pungent aroma. The resulting plant is called a triploid marigold, which is commonly called the mule marigold because of …

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The Most Beautiful Fall Climbers

Many fall climbers provide flashy leaf colors before the foliage falls, as well as late season flowers, and extraordinary seedheads. And, of course, there are some excellent evergreens, which provide a beautiful contrast to fiery, deciduous foliage, and are especially welcome once that has fallen. Climbers can be grown up a wide variety of supports, …

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