Scented Summer Gardens

Summer gardens need plenty of scent. Roses are always favourites, but there are many more rich, intriguing scents on offer. With the right choice you can have the fragrance of pineapple (Cytisus battandieri), marzipan (Heliotropium), and even chocolate (Cosmos atrosanguineus). Mix scented plants with showy but less fragrant flowers such as crocosmia and agapanthus to create pretty displays.

Sheltered corners. When growing scented plants, you want the parfume to hang in the air. It is no use growing fragrant honeysuckles, lilies and daphnes in open or windy parts of the garden where the scent will get blown away. You need to grow them in sheltered sites in full sun, where the plants will flower well, and where you can sit and enjoy them to the full.

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A crocus is a well loved perennial flower that grows that grows to be 3 to 6 inches tall with yellow, purple, lavender and white cup shaped blooms. A member of the iris family, the crocus is a hardy plant that commonly blooms in the spring, with the exception of a few species of crocus that bloom in the fall.

The crocus plant has over 80 species, about 30 of which are raised commercially. The most commonly planted crocus is the Dutch Crocus, also known as the crocus vernus, which also has the largest bloom (blues and whites predominate). Other common species of crocus are crocus chrysanthus, which is one of the first to bloom in late winter or early spring (often yellow), crocus sieberi, which is also fairly short and blooms very early, and the crocus tommasinianus, another early bloomer that comes in various shades of purple.

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The Jacobinia genus is a large one that includes about 400 species of plants throughout the tropical world. The main species of Jacobinia grown indoors are the J. carnea and the much less common J. pauciflora. Both plants are grown primarily for their foliage, especially the J. carnea, which is sometimes called the King’s Crown because of its large and lovely red flower head. When in bloom the King’s Crown seems a most desirable house plant. Unfortunately the flowering period in late summer is short.

It can reach 4 ft or more, but old plants are unsttractive. Cut plants back after flowering – during winter keep the pot in a well-lit, fairly warm spot. In summer bort air and compost must be kept constantly moist.

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Purple Flowers In Your Garden

Purple flowers have long been associated with royalty, pride, and luxury. But their soothing hue has also been tied with calmness and spirituality. Purple adds depth, drama, substance and subdues other bright colors creating harmony in your garden. In ancient times, purple flowers were regarded as sacred and they were usually used as offerings to gods and esteemed royalties.

Purple flower has a range of hues, from sweet lavender to deep violet. No matter what the type of purple flowers chosen, a garden filled with purple blooms often represents admiration and praise for great accomplishments. Darker shades of purple flowers however, are associated more with power and magnificence. Lighter shades are associated more with youthful splendor and loveliness.

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Red Flowers In Your Garden

Red flowers in the garden are unique in every way. There are red flowers with wonderful eye-catching blooms that are as red as the scarlet feathers of a male cardinal. Red flowers such as these will turn heads and make your flower garden a showstopping masterpiece. If you want a red wave of color gracing your flower garden, consider the following beautiful red flowers.

Red flowers are the color of blood and elicits all sorts of emotions including lust, passion, anger and even violence. Color therapists agree that some people experience a physical reaction to hot colors. Red in the garden often says something about the gardener too. She/he is vibrant, out-going, passionate and spirited.

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Yellow Flowers In Your Garden

Do you want your flower garden to be noticed by passers-by? Do you want the neighbors to sigh over the beauty and impact of your flowers? Then create an all yellow flower garden.

Yellow flowers simply make people smile. It is the color of friendship, joy, and lightheartedness. New beginnings like the start of spring are associated with the beauty of yellow flowers. Yellow symbolizes summer, warmth and vitality.The thing about yellow is that no matter what the weather it always projects a sunny glow, its brightness not diminished by the absence of sunlight. Start with annuals as small transplants from the garden center and you’ll see results in a few weeks. There are many varieties of yellow or gold annuals to choose from.

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