Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden – Creation of cactus gardens basically involves regional collection of succulents and cacti, which are grouped by specific genera and growth forms. While treading through the cactus garden, an individual would be able to witness dozens of species.

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Garden Ground Patterns

The core of garden design is concerned with garden ground patterns, and the spaces within the patterns, based on an understanding of simple geometry. We can achieve this in difficult ways. Inspiration can came from many different disciplines – collage, abstract painting, architecture, furniture, Persian carpets, textiles or packaging, for example.

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Winter Patio Decorating Ideas

Winter patio decorating ideas – When you think of the patio during the winter months, ‘gray’, ‘gloomy’ and ‘boring’ are words that probably come to mind. But your winter patio doesn’t have to be any of that! Here are some helpful winter patio decorating ideas that will brighten any garden space.

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