Growing Garlic In The Kitchen Garden (Container)

Growing Garlic In The Kitchen Garden (Container) – Garlic is not difficult to grow in a kitchen herb garden. In this article we describe some of the many uses of garlic and provide some easy-step lessons on how you can start growing it in your herb garden or in pots or containers on your patio or balcony. Garlic is definitely famous as a herb with healing properties. Reports of these go back to Egyptian times. Even today with the vast numbers of over the counter cold remedies and prescription medicines lots of garlic enthusiasts start taking it in one form or another during the winter weather to reduce the chances of catching colds and flu. It’ also still commonly used to clean out the stomach. Continue Reading

DIY All-Natural Methods For Controlling Bugs & Pests In Your Yard

Controlling bugs and pests in your home starts with doing the same thing for your yard. You want to make sure you don’t have a landscape that is inviting to pests. That can be a little difficult when you have a beautiful garden with flowers and especially if you’re growing fruits and vegetables. It is also difficult when you consider the sheer number of pests that you are up against in this battle. That being said, here are some solid tips for pest control in your yard this summer. Continue Reading

Saponaria Plant

Saponaria Plant – The common names of Saponaria (Soapwort, Bouncing Bet) are a guide to some of its  properties. Stir a handful of cut leaves in a bowl of water and the lather produced reveals why it is called Soapwort. Leave a clump  to grow undisturbed in the border for a few years and the sight of  its stems springing up amongst other plants reveals why it is also called Bouncing Bet.

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5 Tips to Caring For Your Garden

There really are no shortcuts when it comes to gardening. If you want a healthy garden, then you will have to do plenty of regular maintenance all through the growing seasons. Plants need enough water, sun, and nutrients in order to be productive. However, garden care doesn’t have to take up too much of your time. As long as you dedicate yourself to doing some general garden chores every week, then you should have a flourishing garden in no time. Continue Reading

Using A Scented Trees And Shrubs For Your Landscape

Using A Scented Trees And Shrubs For Your Landscape – Trees and shrubs can have many different forms, for example many conifers are conical, pyramidal, or powerfully vertical. Some are prostrate and spreading. To some degree these are scented and everyone is familiar with the scent of pine, but it is only if you rub or brush against the tree, which can be a prickly experience! Weeping trees have a very attractive romantic form and scented varieties include weeping Cercidiphyllum (Katsura Tree) Pendulum, which is quite spectacular. It has thrilling color in the fall and is scented like caramel. Also the weeping Silver Lime is an attractive choice for scented gardening. A shrub that looks like a small tree is Buddleja Alternifolia, and it has lovely flowers with the scent of honey in early summer. Continue Reading