Acalypha Plant

Acalypha Plant – There are two distinct groups of Acalypha. The more popular type bears long tassels of tiny flowers amongst its plain foliage and the other type has colorful foliage with insignificant blooms. All Acalyphas are woody shrubs which are quick growing but are unfortunately difficult to overwinter in the average room. The problem is the high humidity requirement which can be readily satisfied in the greenhouse or conservatory, but not in the home. Continue Reading

Give Your Trees The Nutrients

Give Your Trees The Nutrients – Beautiful, full trees provide shade during the hottest parts of the day. Their presence in your backyard can lower your air conditioning bills and help create an oasis in your garden. However, when a tree near your home gets sick, its removal can be an unwanted expense. So what can you do to ensure the trees in your backyard continue to thrive for years to come? Here are a few tips about tree fertilizer. Giving your trees the nutrients they need is an easy way to help maintain them.

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  1. Loosen the soil and carry out a pH test

During the course of the summer, the soil in your garden will have compacted. In preparation for the fall planting season, you need to loosen the soil enough to allow the plant’s roots and water to move freely. A garden fork is enough to loosen up the soil since you don’t need a lot of tilling. The soil should also be tested to check the level of acidity or basicity. The ideal soil pH for planting should be between 6 and 7. If the pH is below six, then lime should be added to increase the pH. If the pH is higher, elemental sulfur should, instead, be added to reduce the pH. Continue Reading

It’s Time To Replant Sparaxis Plant!

It’s Time To Replant Sparaxis Plant –  Sparaxis plants are hardy bulbs that are usually grown as annuals. Some common names for Sparaxis plants include Harlequin Flower and Wandflower. They have lance shaped leaves and carry trumpet shaped flowers on spikes; the Sparaxis flowers may be of pink, purple, red, orange or white.

Plant Harlequin Flower bulbs in late summer to early fall 1 to 2 inches deep and spaced 4 inches apart in a sunny location with sandy, fertile soil.

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Nerines In The Fall Garden

Nerines In The Fall Garden – Nerines are usually considered to be too tender to grow outdoors, but there is one hardy species which can be relied upon to display its eye-catching flowers in the fall garden. It is the most important nerine in ornamental horticulture, highly valued for its cold tolerance, suitability as a container subject and massed bedding plant, and for its long-lasting cut flowers. The perfect annual bulb to add color when the rest of the garden is winding down, nerine produces frilly pink flower clusters.

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Must-Have Fall Flowers For Colorful Garden

Must-Have Fall Flowers For Colorful Garden – When fall comes, everything feels cold, bleak, and dead. However, you can still change the dull atmosphere in your home by creating a fall garden which will add pulchritude to the fall blur. There are plants which you can actually put in your colorful fall garden. Wide range of colorful flowers will enlighten your garden and will induce life and color. The only thing you need to do is to have the perfect flowers to plant in your fall garden. Below are some top fall flower favorites of garden planters in a fall garden.

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