5 Reasons Why Installing Artificial Grass is a Good Choice for your Home

From being used widely on football fields and other sporting venues, artificial grass made its way to homes, and home owners could not be happier. The use of synthetic or artificial grass in lawns is becoming a trend for lots of good reasons. Resembling the look of actual grass, it is usually hard to tell which is which from a distance. Moreover, today’s artificial grass production technology has made it possible to replicate the looks of actual grass in a closer angle. Continue Reading

Grapes In The Garden

Grapes In The Garden – Growing grapes is becoming a common plant to grow with the home gardener for several reasons. Their juice and fresh fruit can be used for jelly, jam, and even wine, along with being picked and eaten fresh from the vine. In addition, grape vines can add ornamental value to your home landscape when trained to grow on an arbor, or trellis for shade or screen planting. But, grape growing is not that easy; it takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and effort in the part of the grower in order to grow healthy and juicy grapes.

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All About Home-Growing Strawberries

All About Home-Growing Strawberries – From home-grown fruit plants come harvests which can best be appreciated by someone who has actually eaten them. One’s first taste of a truly fine strawberry will soon point up the tremendous gap which exists between such a fruit and the run-of-the-field stuff sold at the supermarket.

The most important of all garden fruits is the strawberry. It more nearly resembles a vegetable in its culture than does any other fruit. It is not surprising that in many truck-gardening areas growers switch from vegetables to strawberries and back again almost at will.

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How To Grow Delicious Watermelons?

How To Grow Delicious Watermelons? – Watermelons are delicious, heat-loving annual fruits that adore warm climates. This makes it very easy to grow watermelons in tropical countries. However, you can also plant watermelons in cooler locations. Just choose the short-season types and do all you can to protect them from chilly temperatures.

Materials you’ll need to grow watermelons include fertilizers, compost makers, floating row covers, garden trowels and garden hoses as well as plants, mulch, shovels and seeds.

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5 Tips to creating a garden

Do you have some spare space in your front lawn or backyard and you don’t know what to do with it? Why not try and create your own garden?  You’ll not only create a relaxing and beautiful space, but also something functional that will allow you to make different choices in what you will plant. Perhaps one year you will plant flowers and the next produce. The options are endless. Continue Reading