greenhouse pond

Enhance Your Greenhouse with Water Features – Greenhouse Waterfall, Pond, and Water Wall

Water features, such as ponds and fountains, are usually located outdoors. However, a greenhouse water feature provides the opportunity to enjoy these elements indoors. Greenhouses are typically used to grow plants and flowers year-round, and a water feature adds a unique element to a glazed structure or polycarbonate hothouse. These features come in the form

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pleached trees for small gardens

Pleached Trees for Small Gardens: Planting Tips and Best Tree Varieties

Pleaching is a method of planting trees in rows and training the side branches to meet in horizontal, parallel lines. Other growth is cut back or interwoven to form a vertical screen.  Beech, lime, hornbeam, and plane trees are some of the best trees for pleaching. This technique is particularly effective in a formal setting and is often used to

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sparmannia africana indoor houseplant frgrant flowers 3

Sparmannia Africana Care: Tips for Growing a Thriving Houseplant

Sparmannia africana is a fast-growing plant that would normally grow into a small tree or large shrub in the wild. It features some amazing flowers, as they move whenever touched.  Sparmannia africana is also known as African hemp, African linden, house lime, or Cape stock rose. Originally from South Africa, Sparmannia africana grows in damp places on forest margins,

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Growing Bertolonia: Tips for Bertolonia Marmorata and Bertolonia Maculata

Bertolonia, or Jewel Plant, is a genus of mainly evergreen plants. All species of this genus are small, even dwarfed, with a creeping growth habit. They’re tender perennials, known for the exotic coloring of their leaves. These plants are native to the tropical forests of Brazil, although a few have been found in Venezuela.  These

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grow pear tree from seed

How to Grow a Pear Tree from Seed: Expert Tips and Tricks for Successful Germination

Pear trees (Pyrus communis) bear sweet fruit with crisp, white flesh. Many gardeners tend to shy away from growing fruit trees due to their delicate and temperamental nature. However, it’s quite easy to grow a pear tree from seed —you just need a little knowledge, patience, and careful planning.  Typically, pear trees need at least

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plants for staircase landing

Plants in the Hallway and Landing: A Guide to Elevating Your Home’s Style

Indoor plants are a vital feature of the well-furnished hall. It is here that guests gain their first impression of the inside of your home. Beautiful foliage and flowers are an immediate indication of a well-tended house. The best indoor plants for hallway spaces are large, architectural specimens. If your entryway is large, well-lit, and

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