Yellow Flowers In Your Garden

Do you want your flower garden to be noticed by passers-by? Do you want the neighbors to sigh over the beauty and impact of your flowers? Then create an all yellow flower garden.

Yellow flowers simply make people smile. It is the color of friendship, joy, and lightheartedness. New beginnings like the start of spring are associated with the beauty of yellow flowers. Yellow symbolizes summer, warmth and vitality.The thing about yellow is that no matter what the weather it always projects a sunny glow, its brightness not diminished by the absence of sunlight. Start with annuals as small transplants from the garden center and you’ll see results in a few weeks. There are many varieties of yellow or gold annuals to choose from.

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Enjoy In Smell And Taste Of Oregano Herb

Oregano comes from the labiate family like basil. Its natural habitat is the mountainous region around the Mediterranean Sea. The ancient Greeks and Romans introduced oregano to Europe and the Spaniards in turn brought it to the new world. It is grown for export in Mexico as Origanum mexicana Mexican oregano. Ancient Greeks used oregano as an antidote and it was used by Ancient Egyptian herbalists for medicinal purposes as well. The name oregano means ‘joy of the mountain’.

Oregano, despite of its popularity in Greece, Italy and other Mediterranean countries, was almost unknown in the US until after the World War II when soldiers brought home the “pizza taste”. Its popularity around the world rose with the popularity of Italian foods, particularly pizza.

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Growing Raspberries

Fresh raspberries are a delectable summertime garden treat. They are delicious in jams, cakes, custards, crepes, and many other mouth-watering culinary delights. Growing your own garden-fresh raspberries is enjoyable as well as economical.

Raspberries are cultivated for their delicious sweet fruits. They are eaten fresh or can be frozen for later use. They are also used to make jam, jelly, desserts, and even wine. The raspberry plant has medicinal uses as well. The fruits, which are typically a deep red color, can also be dark purple or white, contain vitamin C and other antioxidants. Tea made from the leaves is good for digestion, and when applied to the skin, is an astringent.

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Pink Flowers In Your Garden

Pink flowers are some of the most wanted plants; the reason for their great popularity is explained by their very positive and optimistic color. A pink flower can signify grace, gentility, joy and happiness. Here are just a few ideas about how to use pink flowers to color your home and garden.

Flowers are always an ideal way of bringing color and beauty even to the grayest corner of all; purple and pink flowers are often the right choice when it comes to creating a daring vivid look. Small pink flowers are ideal for children’s room, particularly if you have a little girl, for the kitchen as well as for the living room or family room.

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White Flowers In Your Garden

If you’d like to create a white garden, though, there are many beautiful white flowers you could consider. If you want to bloom all season, take into account when things bloom and plan accordingly. Don’t limit your choices to traditional annual, perennial or biennial flowers alone. Try to surround yourself with white flowered plants of all kinds to extend the white garden so it can envelope you in its magic. Look for white flowers on bulbs, trees, shrubs, vines, and roses that bloom from early spring through late fall, and select those with silver and gray or blue foliage when you can as these will increase the shimmering quality of the garden.
Sprinkling your flower garden with white flowers will let your garden stand out when it becomes dusk outside.

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Dandelion – Popular Edible Weed

Our name for Dandelion comes from the French Dent de Lion, meaning “lion’s tooth.” This refers to the jagged points on the leaves, which look like sharp teeth. Whether it is named this because of its jagged leaves or jagged yellow flower is unknown. The French grow dandelions to eat, just as we grow lettuce in our gardens.

The dandelion’s official name is Taraxacum Officinale. This simply means “the official remedy for disorders”. The whole plant is actually edible. This plant is very commonly found in many parts across the world, but not many know of its wonderful health benefits. The dandelion is often considered just a beautiful flowering plant. But this plant is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs by Chinese traditional medicine practitioners.

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