Aglaonemas: Popular House Plants

Aglaonemas: Popular House Plants – Large, spear-shaped leaves on short stems are the decorative feature of Aglaonema, the Chinese evergreen. Its virtue, according to the textbooks, is an ability to thrive in poorly-lit conditions, but this is only true of the all-green varieties. The ones with white or yellow variegated foliage need brighter conditions. Continue Reading

4 Tips to planting seasonal flowers

Flowers are great additions for your outdoor decorations. Flowers come in different categories with some being seasonal that only bloom at certain months of the year. You can grow flowers in your garden in outdoor plant beds or in pots depending on your preference. But, just like any other plants, you have to give them the care and maintenance that they need to ensure that they are healthy.

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Eucalyptus Growing Indoors

Eucalyptus Growing Indoors – Eucalyptus plant with its fragrant properties and coin-shaped foliage makes a wonderful addition to your indoor environment, especially in the bedroom and bathroom. It is very attractive with silvery blue-green aromatic leaves which give off the aroma of menthol. If you are interested in growing eucalyptus indoors, you need to learn how to grow eucalyptus in a container. Continue Reading

Freshen Up Your Home With Fragrant Indoor Plants

Freshen Up Your Home With Fragrant Indoor Plants – Fragrant indoor plants offer a continuous aroma and is the natural way to keep your home fresh. Everyone’s taste is different. For example, you can choose a spicy, woodsy or musky scent while others are drawn to aromas more sweet and floral. Below is a list of fragrant indoor plants. Try some at home and in the office! To help you find your favorite, we’ve included information that describes the fragrance whenever possible: Continue Reading

Lachenalia Plant

Lachenalia Plant – Lachenalia (also known as Cape cowslip or wild hyacinth) is an attractive perennial plant which provides a host of tubular flowers in winter. It is a winter growing bulb under South African conditions. Despite its novel appearance, Lachenalia has never been popular because of its inability to live in a heated room. Lachenalia is a good container plant and also ideal for a sunny rockery. Continue Reading