Middle Eastern Garden Design

An Islamic garden is a garden that has been designed in the typical Islamic style. Most Islamic gardens are found in the oldest Islamic countries, including most countries in the Middle East. They occur in large numbers all along the Mediterranean Sea from Spain to North Africa, however, and have been constructed in many more traditionally Western countries, as well. Continue Reading

Japanese Gardens Design Principles

Japanese Gardens Design Principles – In early Japanese gardens design principles included the idea that rocks already in situ should he respected for their own inner stillness, and that rocks, islands and ponds represented nature and should always he placed asymmetrically. Symmetrical elements represented humans. Continue Reading

Garden Decor: Styles Of Garden Fencing

A garden fence is a great way to combine the practical with the stylish, by both adding security to your garden and creating a beautiful and stylish touch to your yard. Enclosing your yard or garden can help keep pests and deer from eating the fruits and vegetables you have spent so much time on, and the fence can also be a reflection of your individual personality. Continue Reading

Outdoor Wall Fountains

The outdoor wall fountains give beauty to the setting which is the most obvious benefit that it could give. It is responsible for giving dramatic and romantic ambiance particularly if it is a great background in the garden. And, if the garden is a renovated one or even it is a transformed wall fountain, it would seem like you have got a real waterfall in the garden. Continue Reading