Container-Friendly Garden

Container-Friendly Garden – Running short on garden space or living in a small urban apartment should not necessarily stop you from having a thriving and beautiful garden. You can actually turn any available place into a gardening spot – from balconies and rooftops to windowsills and empty walls. Growing plants in containers provide numerous opportunities for gardeners with limited space. You can go even further and grow your own veggies and fruits and to experience the flavor and the benefits of home-grown food. With a few pots and the right plants, you can create your own container-friendly garden. Continue Reading

Planting Climbers In Mediterranean Gardens

Planting Climbers In Mediterranean Garden – One thing you see lots of in Mediterranean gardens is climbers. They grow them up the walls or over a pergola on the back of the house – some of the pergolas are wonderful, with the ’roof’ just made out of rough branches all tangled with knobbly grape-vines and bunches of fruit dripping down.  Continue Reading

It’s Time To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

It’s Time To Prepare Your Garden For Spring – Gardening in winter is crucial if you want to keep your garden healthy throughout the year. Protecting plants from the frost, harvesting winter produce and pruning dormant trees are all essential jobs to make the transition to spring and summer all that more easy.

As well as conducting essential maintenance, winter is the perfect time to take a look at your garden landscape and plan any changes for the upcoming year.

Do you need to rotate your crops? Perhaps your land is looking a bit barren, maybe some more evergreens would benefit for the following year? What seeds should you be ordering in? Continue Reading