Making Small Structures In The Garden

Pergolas, arbors, gazebos and other small structures open to the air provide pleasant places for shelter or simply to sit in and enjoy the view of your garden. They can also provide interesting and attractive focal points in the garden.

It is important to make sure all these structures are generously proportioned but not too large or grandiose for the size and style of garden you are creating, otherwise they will be overbearing and detract from the beauty of the garden itself.

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When To Plan The Garden Structures?

When to plan the garden structures? Winter is definitely the best time to be planning what you may want to do to make your garden more fun for the coming season. Winter is perfect period to plan your garden as well as viewing your landscape and making decisions about what wonderful effects you want to create in your garden next year. When the leaves fall and the flowers are gone, you can see the vastness of your garden and imagine just where a nice arbor or water feature might go.

Think about the room for lots of lovely additions to your garden. This leaves room for lots of lovely additions to your garden. One might question how anything could add to the beauty of flowers, trees and shrubs. The idea is not to surpass, but to enhance those beautiful natural plants.

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Garden Decks And Steps

Garden Decks And Steps – A deck provides a perfect means of extending your house into the garden and giving you the opportunity to enjoy an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. By linking the house with the garden, your deck becomes an additional outdoor entertaining and leisure area. Ground-level and raised decks can be built to suit your site and connect with pathway, garden, carport and patio.

As decks are load-bearing and exposed to the elements, careful thought needs to be given to the selection of timber for the bearers and joists, as well as for
the decking itself.

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Plan Your Garden: Make A Wishlist

Plan Your Garden: Make A Wishlist – Once you have collected together the features that represent how you want to transform your garden, consider what needs to be done to make these changes possible. Make a wishlist and arrange it in order of priority. Will they require earthworks and building structures such as retaining walls, decks and fences? If so, there will have to be completed first.

Also they will have a definite impact on your garden and how you then develop the rest of your plans for it. For instance, if you are planning a courtyard and pergola, have you considered a pathway and garden beds?

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Garden Christmas Lights

Garden Christmas Lights – Water and light are a magical combination and at Christmas night can provide extra glitter and sparkle. Use wide and narrow beam spotlights on fountains and moving water. When lighting a pond make sure that the source of the light is not reflected in it, which would diminish the mystery.

The texture and shape of tree trunks, branches and leaves provide endless opportunities for decorative lighting. Use tungsten halogen flood spotlights, positioned to shine upwards into the branches from a garden wall or a lower part of the trunk.

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Tips To Design A Narrow Garden

Tips To Design A Narrow Garden – The main problem with a narrow gardens is that they can feel like you’re standing in a corridor. In a narrow garden your eye is drawn straight to the boundaries making the space seem small and claustrophobic. This type of garden does not invite exploration and the furthest parts of the garden often remain dark, dank and unused. Counteracting the claustrophobic feeling and giving the impression of greater space and depth are the main challenges when designing a narrow garden.

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