Moving Water In The Garden

Moving Water In The Garden – Adding movement to water creates a truly magical effect. Reflections are enhanced, the sound of  moving water is soothing and musical, and fish benefit  from the enhanced oxygenation of the water. Water lilies,  however, prefer still water, so are better suited to ponds without fountains, or where a fountain is offset so that part of the pond remains still. Movement can he created by fountains, waterspouts, rills or cascades and is guaranteed to bring sparkle and dash to the garden. As always, it should he planned in scale with the area. A gentle trickle can he refreshing in a small garden, where a large fountain  would be pretentious. 

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How to maintain your garden like a pro in 4 easy steps

Amidst the rapid urbanization, more people are still getting interested in maintaining small gardens within their properties. Some consider gardening as a form of art to harmonize with the elegance of their home while others consider it as a channel to relieve their stress and to exercise. Many people also practice organic gardening for a sustainable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in their backyards.


Maintaining a healthy garden requires ample knowledge, a set of skills, and experience. Even those who have been maintaining their own gardens for years are still confused with what practices need to be done. For professional garden maintenance and landscaping needs, you may consult with a garden specialist near you. Most garden procedures are, however, not that complicated and can be accomplished using a couple of tips and tricks. Learn how to maintain your garden like a pro with these 4 easy steps. Continue Reading

What Is Organic Companion Planting?

What Is Organic Companion Planting? Organic companion planting is the process of grouping certain types of plants together to achieve better results. Other times, it’s better if certain plants were not placed together. To simplify how this works, let’s do a little experiment. Imagine you are a plant. Living in the plant world is a lot like living in the human world. There are some people you like, some you don’t, and some relationships you have are one-sided. It is the same way with organic companion planting.

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How To Prepare Your Grounds For The Spring Planting?

How To Prepare Your Grounds For The Spring Planting? As this extended winter bleeds into spring, many homeowners are upset that they have had to put spring gardening plans on hold. With snow still rolling through the eastern parts of the country, it’s no time to begin the soil management and heavy handed yard work that comes with proper landscape design and garden management, right? This isn’t the case, as there are a bevy of landscaping and gardening procedures that you can get a jump on in the late winter early spring. The following are a few of these procedures that will allow you to begin preparing your landscape design now, rather than wait for a spring that keeps feeling a little farther away.

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It Is Time For Early Spring Gardening!

It Is Time For Early Spring Gardening – For most parts of the country it seems like winter is coming to a close. With warmer weather finally in sight, the urge to do something outside might be starting to set in, and March is the perfect time to get out of the house and into the garden. Want to get a head start for the official gardening season but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we have you covered with some early spring gardening chores to get you outside and get a jump start before the season starts.

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Why Husqvarna leaf blowers are a great choice

Anyone with a backyard has had their share of piles of leaves waiting to be cleaned up. Gathering leaves into a pile can be a tiring task especially if you have a lot of trees in your backyard. And there’s nothing that could speed up this task than with the use of leaf blowers. But with the many choices in the market, how do you know which one to buy? Well, look no further because a Husqvarna leaf blower is the right tool for the job. Continue Reading