Gardening In February

Garden In February – If you look carefully you will start to see the first signs of spring in the garden this month. Catkins appear on trees, the first bulbs start to poke their heads trough the soil and a few brave flowers begin to appear. With January over, gardeners begin to look forward to spring. But this month can be slow to develop in the garden, so use the time to finish those winter jobs still left to do. Here are the main jobs you should be getting on with this month in the garden and a few of the plants that will be looking their best this early in the year.

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Decking Design And Suitable Plants

Decking Design And Suitable Plants – Decking looks like having a dance-floor in your garden, perfect for walking on barefoot but sudden death to stilettos because of the gaps. Decking is very adaptable – brilliant for a sloping garden, where you can make several timber terraces linked with steps, but on level ground you can build up decking on two levels to make it look more interesting.  You can also plant through holes, build on stilts and do all sorts of things  you couldn’t do with a couple of tons of paving slabs if you’d chosen to have a patio instead. For the fashion-follower, decking is the hottest must-have garden ingredient.  

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Setting Up a Backyard Theater

Do you enjoy entertaining your family and your friends with the latest and greatest within the world of film? Well, a backyard theater might be exactly the right fit for you. It isn’t as simple to set up as it sounds, though. Backyard home theaters require a good level of planning, a clear head, and some equipment you may not have at home right now. Continue Reading

Beautify Your Winter Garden

Beautify Your Winter Garden – If you are one among those nature lovers you will sometimes realize that winter season is not the best time of the year for you. However, to those who are sensitive to cold hate this season. But if you are one of those keen gardeners, you’ll be busy working on your winter gardens.

Your garden must not be dull during winter seasons. Snow and cold temperature must not be a hindrance for you to manage your garden. You might not like the idea of tending and nurturing your plants as temperature drops down.

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Gardening Trends For Small Yard

Gardening Trends For Small Yard – With smaller yards, gardeners are becoming more creative in the limited space that they call their own. Gardening trends that you can incorporate into your small garden are:

– Incorporate small fruiting plants into regular landscaping

– Homes have less lawn areas

– Plant drought tolerant plant varieties

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Clipping Plants: Pleaching, Pollarding And Coppicing

Clipping Plants: Pleaching, Pollarding And Coppicing – Pleaching is a method of planting trees in rows and training the side branches to meet in horizontal, parallel lines. Other growth is cut back or interwoven to form a vertical screen. Beech, lime, hornbeam and plane trees are all suitable for pleaching. This technique is  particularly effective in a formal setting and often used to line paths or avenues in larger gardens. 

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