Vegetables Storage: Shelf Life Of Vegetables

The biochemical processes in a fresh vegetables have not stopped after being vegetables harvested, which means that changes in them can be positive (ripening) or negative. Period of vegetables storage depends on many factors and the periods given here are an estimate. If the vegetables are not fully ripe they can be stored for certain period at room temperature until they reach full maturity and then keep them in the fridge. The vegetable should never be kept in sealed bags or boxes – allow it to breathe.

Melons and watermelons: Whole melons can be stored in a cool, dry, dark place up to ten days (note that for melon storage period depends on the variety and degree of ripeness). If cut, these fruits should be stored in the refrigerator in an open bowl.

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Fruits Storage: Shelf Life Of Fruits

Fruits Storage: Shelf Life Of Fruits – Shelf life is the time how long a product can be stored before it becomes unusable. Term ‘shelf life’ refers primarily to the quality of the food while the expiration date refers to the safety of product consummation. Therefore, fresh fruits and vegetables can be completely safe to use after expiration of shelf life, but may deteriorate in quality that would affect its usefulness and commercial value.

Apples: You can keep them on the shelf for up to two weeks, but make sure that the room where they are kept is fresh (pantry or basement).

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How To Increase Your Harvest?

How to increase your harvest? It is essential that you have an appropriate garden plan with you and you plan ahead before you start the process of gardening. You should ideally find the following yield increasing strategy useful:

1. Grow high value crops – The word ‘value’ is subjective from one individual to another. It differs from one person to the next. It makes sense to grow and invest in crops that are climate friendly and are well suited to the climate. It also matters if you are going to use the plant products (like herbs) for your own use.

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Harvesting And Storing Apples

Harvesting And Storing Apples – There are so many things you should know about the apple. It is possible to make a lots of mistakes about harvesting and storage of this fruit. There is nothing so bad as the feeling when you bite an apple which is not picked on the right way or too early, so its taste and the vitamins are not fully developed.

So, here are few advices and hints for harvesting and storing the apples! In fact, apples should always be picked very carefully. Do not just pluck them from the branches. Apples are ripe and ready for picking only when they come off easily or when pedicle apples separated easily from the branches by twisting them.

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Applications For Your Hedge Trimmers

Applications For Your Hedge Trimmers – There are plenty of different applications for your hedge trimmers, making them highly useful garden equipment and well worth the investment. If you have an old pair of trimmers collecting rust in your shed or you have been tossing up the purchase of a pair, these additional applications may just be the lure you need to get out in the garden and do some work.

Trimming bushes and hedges – Of course, the main application for your hedge trimmers is keeping your unruly bushes and hedges in check. If you didn’t regularly prune these plants back, they would quickly grow to uncontrollable proportions, possibly even covering up your house from view.

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Planting In The Narrow Garden

Planting In The Narrow Garden – There are few tips how to plant if you have a narrow garden:

1. Avoid lawn if there is no space for it, or if the area is too shady. Paving, gravel or some other hard surface will look infinitely neater than a trodden lawn – a narrow strip of lawn will inevitably get worn out.

2. Bright, hot colors, such as yellows, oranges and reds, used at the bottom of a narrow garden will appear to shorten the space, and can help balance the length of the property. Cool pale colors, such as blues, pale pinks and lilacs, at the bottom of the garden will appear to recede.

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