The Best Flower Gardening

Flower gardening is a wonderful hobby that one can pursue at one’s leisure. The colorful flowers in your flower garden will make your surroundings fresh and to the beauty of your backyard. If you are thinking of planting a flower garden but don’t have sufficient knowledge about gardening basics, these flower gardening tips will help you in this case. You can also plant wildflowers in your garden which require low maintenance and are easy to grow. There are number of things one should consider before planting a garden. Moreover, the gardening hobby can be costlier. You need to look for natural ways to take care of your garden and make your gardening hobby economical. The best flower gardening technique will help you to know about the economical ways to take care of your garden.

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The Ideal Soil For Your Garden

The ideal soil is made up of 22% water, 20% sand, 20% air, 15% silt, 10% clay, 8% ‘unavailable’ water (that is, water trapped within the soil that the plant cannot use) and 5% organic matter.

Soil texture is how the soil feels when you handle it. This is due to the basic rock the soil is made of and cannot be altered. Soil structure is how the particles are held together in the soil. This influences whether the plant can get at the air, water and nutrients in the soil. It can be improved by adding organic matter, ensuring good drainage and digging in fall season to allow the breakdown of clods in heavy soils during winter. It is surprising how much difference adding organic matter can make to almost any soil.

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How To Protect Trees Over The Winter?

Types of winter damages. During the winter, cold temperatures, snow, excessive sun and strong winds can damage trees. Types of winter damage include broken branches from snow and ice, as well as damaged bark, branches and roots. Newer trees are more prone to injury than older, more established trees.

Soil changes. Soil expands when it gets wet from rain, snow and ice, and contracts when it dries. Frequent changes in soil moisture can damage tree roots. Placing a layer of mulch around a young tree can help keep soil conditions more consistent. The mulch also acts as an insulator. It will keep the ground beneath it warmer for longer periods of time, and can prevent cold air from reaching the tree’s roots.

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The Short Stay Garden

Many people need their garden to look established within a single season; they often don’t have years to wait for it to develop and mature, and they perhaps don’t plan to be living in the house for more than a couple of years. There are plenty of ways to tackle the garden design so that it will look good fast.

This design includes a good mix of surfacing materials that will quickly look established. Gravel looks good almost as soon as it is laid, and plants will quickly colonize it. Likewise the use of wood as the principle hard surfacing gives the garden an organic air that is very welcoming.

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Mid-Fall Gardening Tasks

Mid-fall is an unpredictable time of year. In cold regions quite severe frosts can suddenly strike, while in mild climates some plants are still growing and tender plants may go on flowering for a while. This is the time to listen to the weather forecast and to be on the alert, in particular, for frost warnings.

Mid-fall is the time to create and dig over any new flower beds for next spring, weeding them carefully. Collect seed from flowers, keeping it dry until sowing.

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Planning For Your Garden In October

Fall is already here all over the backyard garden. Not that autumn is devoid of charm, but it does suggest that some wonderful summer and spring growers have died down. Not every bit is sacrificed, though, as there are lovely plants we can easily grow that will please us right up to the early part of winter.

Falling leaves and flowers losing their color trigger thoughts of necessary activities. Fall has been proclaimed, and the chilly season that follows requires gardens to be prepared. Anywhere from now and spring extreme conditions will set in, which often can damage or destroy the things living in your fall garden if they are not protected. There a number of activities which should be done to prepare the garden.

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