Plant Care During The Summer Holidays

Your time for rest and relaxation away from home is a period of strain for the indoor plants which remain behind, but a little preparation before you leave will ensure that they will be unaffected by your absence.

Leaving plants during the summer months can be a problem because the plants will be actively growing and their water requirement will be much greater than during the winter months. If your holiday is for more than a week, the most satisfactory solution is to persuade a friend to call in occasionally and look after them. If your friend has little experience make sure that the perils of overwatering are explained.

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Enhancing The Aesthetic Qualities Of Your Garden

Enhancing The Aesthetic Qualities Of Your Garden


It’s the perfect time of year to give your garden a makeover, whether it be a simple garden-bed tidy up, or installing different accessories. In the process, it would be best to use metal materials because they are cost efficient and easy to maintain.

You can add value to the area by installing garden gates. You can easily achieve this with the right style and appropriate central theme for it.


A garden makeover is a good excuse to hunker down and do some extreme weeding. Remove any weeds and also plants that haven’t taken well and look sickly or out of place. Spend some time tilling the soil and consider introducing some fertiliser to the garden.
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Your Garden Tasks In Mid-Summer

Midsummer is a time for enjoying the results of your earlier efforts. There are always jobs to be done, of course, but you should also make time to relax. As most things are sown or planted, the emphasis is on weeding, watering and feeding. In dry summers water shortages can be a problem, but when you do water, do it thoroughly, as shallow watering will encourage surface rooting and make the plants even more vulnerable to drought.

Midsummer is great time for assessing what looks good in the garden, and what could look even better. Take photos and make notes, and start planning right now for next year’s display.

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How To Propagate Succulent Plants

Succulents are perfect plants for xeriscape gardens and are easy to root and grow. Once you learn how easy it is to propagate succulent plants, it’s a great way to expand your plant collection. You can use this planting technique with succulent plants from the Crassula family. This propagation technique also works on other cactus and succulent plants like Aloe Vera, Echeveria, Aeonium and Baby Jade (Portulacaria afra).

Planting succulent by cuttings: Start with a cutting about 4 – 6 inches long. Bury about half the stalk in soil. This will give you deep roots and helps the plant withstand drought better. Trim off the last few leaves to make a bare stalk if you need to. The leaves can be planted too; bury about half the leaf, cut side down. Most succulent plants and shrubs will form roots on the joints in their stalks.

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Early Summer Tasks

The most important thing is to enjoy the garden during the summer. For a few months everything is madly flourishing, and the best way to keep the garden looking good is to make sure you do 4 things: keep weeds under control, water young plants with short roots the moment they start to flag, mow the grass but never too severely, and look out for pests in the greenhouse, attacking any with biological controls.

Early summer is usually a busy time of year. The weather can be very variable, ranging from sudden late frosts, when you have to run out and cover tender plants, to the hottest day for nine months, when everything in the greenhouse bakes.

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How To Make A Garden Walkway Using Stepping Stones

Do you want to an attractive walkway to lead way to your beautiful yard or garden? Then a great way to give your garden a new look is to try garden stepping stones in your walkway.

Stepping stones are often used to give a natural looking walkway to your garden through the front door of your home. Stepping stones are considered as a work of art which give your walkway or garden a personalize signature of your lifestyle. Using stepping stone in your lawn for walkway not only personalizes your living style but also an adds touch of beauty to your garden.

A series of steps we have discussed below which could be helpful and you can give a better look to your garden using stepping stones.

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