Water, Wood, Fire – Elements Of Garden Decor

Decorating a garden is largely a matter of personal taste. There are several elements that tend to be recognized to create a given mood or enhance the look of the area. Water is often used. Japanese gardens have traditionally used water to draw the eye to various focal points in the garden. These ancient designs derive influence from Taoist or Shinto values. Japanese gardens tend to fit in with their surroundings. It is common for a Japanese garden to mimic the landscape of rural Japan, with features resembling mountains, forests, rivers and prairies.

A stream with real water requires significant infrastructure, including pumps and filters. Sometimes a simulated river will be created out of river rock, complete with bridges and other features exclusive to a riparian environment. These simulated rivers are much easier to maintain, and require only an occasional pass with a leaf blower to look put together.

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How To Be A Successful Urban Gardener?

If you live in a big city, it does not mean that you do not need to have a beautiful urban garden. It is always nice if you can have a special place where you can just appreciate the scene and enjoy the fresh scent of plants and flowers. Gardens are definitely great. These days, more and more people are having their own gardens, even those who are situated in very urban areas.

Do you live in a big urban city? Do you want to be a successful urban gardener? Here are some tips on having your own urban garden:

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Midwinter Gardening Tasks

Midwinter is mainly a time for indoor gardening jobs including ordering seeds and plants for the upcoming spring, writing labels and designing improvements for the year ahead. These are not unimportant gardening tasks, and by attending to them in good time you are more likely to make the right decision and have everything ready for late winter and early spring when gardening begins in earnest.

In small pots sow seeds for summer flowers – spread them thinly and as evenly as possible. Take chrysanthemum cuttings from a clump of roots that has been overwintered in a greenhouse or cold frame. Choose shoots coming directly from the base of the plant. Space the chrysanthemum cuttings evenly around the edge of a pot containing a potting mixture that is suitable for cuttings.

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How To Create Movement Around The Garden

Creating space has much to do with movement around the garden. The way in which different areas are linked together, by paths, pergolas, bridges, steps or terraces, can enormously increase their apparent size and interest.

However, it is equally true that a linking element positioned carelessly and without proper regard to its surroundings, or the random placing of too many elements together, can confuse the eye and appear to diminish, rather than expand the available space in the garden.

Many elements in the garden encourage movement: entrances and exits, a disappearing path, a covered walk, a focal point, a pierced screen; or something as mundane as the washing line, dustbin or greenhouse.

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Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are normally small buildings that are placed in a backyard that can be used for hobbies, workshops or storage. Sheds are a very practical structure that most people have in their backyard. Most people who have sheds built often customize them depending on their needs. They are customized by adding windows, ventilation, shelves, electrical outlets and the like. They differ in size and in difficulty of construction. Garden sheds are normally made of steel secured to a frame.

These sheds are ideal for storing lawn and garden equipment or for adding a little extra storage for your home. Corner, vertical, horizontal and tool sheds are just some examples. Adding shelves and hooks to your shed will give you the most storage space.

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The Best Flower Gardening

Flower gardening is a wonderful hobby that one can pursue at one’s leisure. The colorful flowers in your flower garden will make your surroundings fresh and to the beauty of your backyard. If you are thinking of planting a flower garden but don’t have sufficient knowledge about gardening basics, these flower gardening tips will help you in this case. You can also plant wildflowers in your garden which require low maintenance and are easy to grow. There are number of things one should consider before planting a garden. Moreover, the gardening hobby can be costlier. You need to look for natural ways to take care of your garden and make your gardening hobby economical. The best flower gardening technique will help you to know about the economical ways to take care of your garden.

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