Feng Shui Of Your Garden

“The Ancient Art of Placement” called Feng Shui literally means ‘wind’ and ‘water.’ The Chinese believe this cosmic energy, called Chi or ‘the green dragon’s cosmic breath,’ is the life force energy that pervades human existence. The basic tenet of Feng Shui is to capture this vital energy creating balance and harmony in our environments. Feng Shui is predicated on the core belief that we, the earth, and every living thing on it are interconnected.

Feng Shui is the oldest form of gardening dating back several millennia to China. It is based on the philosophy that man and nature must live in harmony with one another and that all life is infused with the invisible energy called Chi. This force circulates throughout our environment and is essential to our well-being, health, and happiness. The Chinese sages believed that any man-made feature could affect the flow of Chi so established the rules of placement that are central to this philosophy.

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Gardening In April

Spring should now be in evidence, with daffodils in flower and blossom adorning trees. Expect the inevitable ‘April showers’ but the frequent sunny days and rising temperatures too make it perfect gardening weather. April is an exciting month, with indoor-sown seeds well into growth, and it’s also time to start sowing outdoors.

With the warmer sunny days – gardeners are out in force everywhere – April is the month we wait for all year. We get to enjoy all of the fruits (flowers) of our labor and planning. April is the most beautiful month of the year. The birds are chirping, and the garden is coming to life… Here you can read about top things to do in April:

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The Importance Of Bees In Your Garden

There is a list of plants most likely to attract the little fellows to your garden in the early spring when there is not much food about, and a preface concerning why these cultivars, in particular, are so successful.

The key element of a flower that bees find alluring is its contrast, meaning its colours’ respective contrast with the background colours that surround them. This is why purple is a particularly popular hue among hymenoptera, as green is one of its most blatantly complementary counterparts, and also the most commonly naturally occurring colour in the bees’ endemic environment.

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Natural Remedies Against Garden Pests

Sometimes it is not easy to take care of your garden. Not only are there weeds to pluck but you also will have to be aware of insects. These pests do not make one’s job easy and many are now shying away from chemical solutions that were once de rigueur. The first important thing to figure out is which bugs are pests and which are beneficial to your garden. Worms are beneficial, that is obvious, we all know that worms help to aerate the soil and provide waste to keep the soil healthy. Ants are a trickier insect to determine as beneficial or harmful to the garden.

However, some may be reluctant to go all organic as it usually involves more work on their side. But some of the more natural remedies for garden pests have proven to be cost effective and have probably been used before the advent of garden and plant chemicals. Here are some examples of natural remedies that you can use:

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Gardening Tips: Potting And Repotting

The principles of planting and repotting are the same. Plants need to be firm in the compost to prevent air pocket around theit roots and have adequate drainage to avoid waterlogging.

All plants grown in containers should be planted the same way. When you are potting, choose a container 5 cm (2 in) larger than the rootball of the plant. Remove the plant from the original container and gently tease out the roots if they have become congested. Trim off any damaged roots. Put a good layer of crocks, broken tiles or stones at the bottom of he container and then a layer of compost. Put the plant in the container, making certain that the soil level is the same in the new container as it was in the old. Add compost around the sides of the pot making sure that it is pressed firmly against all the roots.

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Tuning A Lawn Mower

If you love a beautiful lawn in your garden, lawn mower is an essential component that is needed in the maintenance of the lawn and with the help of it you can evenly cut the grass to give your lawn a neat green appearance. If you underrate the importance of the lawn mower and the lawn mowing you are sure to get long messy grass that would disturb the whole look of the place and your lawn would be more like a bushy land rather than a greenish one. However many a times our lawn mower deceives us and starts to create problems. Sometimes it requires more time and energy to start up than it would otherwise have taken. When this is the condition of your lawn mower it is high time you should think of tuning it up.

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