Children’s Garden Design

Children’s Garden Design – Children vary in their needs and temperaments as much as adults do, and their desires change with alarming speed as they grow up. So think carefully before starting with children’s garden design and investing in any of the playground-style equipment that you see in the shops, however well made and designed, it has a limited life. Continue Reading

Well-Placed Attractive Decking

Well-Placed Attractive Decking – Landscape architects and developers pass up the opportunity to enhance the ambiance of their projects by including some well-placed attractive decking. Everyone loves a deck. Backyard decks are so inviting and they make you want to kick back and relax. Even a simple wooden deck gives you place to sit and enjoy during summer season. Continue Reading

Plants & Climatic Adaptations

Plants in the wild have adapted to the soil and climate of the regions in which they grow. If you want to grow plants where they do not originally belong, you have to try and provide the conditions they are used to or they will die. Many plants from the tropics or the deserts will not survive out of doors in a temperate climate. Other plants may be half-hardy and able to withstand a certain degree of cold but will be killed by a hard frost. Continue Reading

Garden Walls

Garden Walls – Walling, although the most expensive kind of boundary, is immensely durable, and can form the perfect perimeter to any garden. There is a wealth of materials from which to choose, from natural stone, or reconstituted stone, to patterned concrete. Most walls are free-standing, but remember that retaining walls, supporting a bank or higher level, can also become an integral part of the garden framework. Continue Reading

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas – The most important element of landscaping in section is the overall plan. Without one, you backyard will look like a patchwork of landscaping styles. Begin by sketching the existing permanent structures such as house, shed, deck, pool and trees. Now is a good time to take inventory of the existing plants and shrubs and decide which ones will not be part of the new landscape plan. Continue Reading