Trees And Lawn Live In Harmony

Trees And Lawn Live In Harmony – The environment in which we live and work is greatly enhanced by the use of trees, shrubs, ground covers and turf. Plants combined with architectural elements such as buildings and walkways provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for our day to day activities. In a properly designed landscape, all components work together to help reduce noise, control pedestrian traffic, improve energy efficiency, and provide privacy. Continue Reading

Using Color In Garden Design

Color is very much a matter of taste in the garden design as anywhere else. Some people want their garden to be a riot of reds and bright colors; others prefer a more subtle approach of misty blues and pinks in association with silver leaves. Others again will find the variety of colors provided by foliage alone is all the color they need. Continue Reading

Using Macramé Plant Holders

The art of making macramé plant holders has existed for a very long time, and macramé itself dates back to as early as the 13th century. Macramé is a type of art that uses tying knots as opposed to knitting, braiding, or weaving. Usually knots are square knots using half hitch and also full hitch knots. Macramé has been used to create many accessories such as plant holders, belts, jewelry and so much more. Continue Reading

The Modified Garden

The Modified Garden – For many people, a completely new design of their garden would be inappropriate. The existing garden may have evolved without any guiding plan, but often it incorporates features and elements that it would be a pity to lose. These article shows how an existing garden can be modified, by pulling together the best elements into a coherent and satisfactory whole. Continue Reading