Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas – The most important element of landscaping in section is the overall plan. Without one, you backyard will look like a patchwork of landscaping styles. Begin by sketching the existing permanent structures such as house, shed, deck, pool and trees. Now is a good time to take inventory of the existing plants and shrubs and decide which ones will not be part of the new landscape plan. Continue Reading

Using Colors To Improve Outdoor Living Space

Using Colors To Improve Outdoor Living Space – As suburban gardens become smaller, outdoor areas have evolved into more of an extension to our interior living space. Much more thought needs to be given to decorating the available space so that it becomes a totally integrated area. Color in particular greatly affects our moods and changes the feeling of the space within which we relax, play and entertain. And for plant lovers, there’s a plant that’s suitable for every color scheme and every location. Continue Reading

Trees And Lawn Live In Harmony

Trees And Lawn Live In Harmony – The environment in which we live and work is greatly enhanced by the use of trees, shrubs, ground covers and turf. Plants combined with architectural elements such as buildings and walkways provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for our day to day activities. In a properly designed landscape, all components work together to help reduce noise, control pedestrian traffic, improve energy efficiency, and provide privacy. Continue Reading