Colors Make A Difference On Decks And Porches

Colors Make A Difference On Decks And Porches – Are you looking to make a statement with your wooden deck or porch? Do you want to enhance the color scheme or architectural charm of your home’s exterior? The following deck ideas will help to get you started.

Finish your patios, decks, porches or planters with colors to lend a bold charm to surfaces. For example, perk up your deck planters using this season’s hottest tropical hues. For maximum impact, select a hue from your planter’s color palette and fill the container generously with overflowing blooms.

You also may consider creating one or more vignettes of planters that sport different sizes and shapes. Using quality paints will allow you to creatively pattern and unify the entire group.

For a more intricate outdoor design, introduce a new or recently refurbished gate to effectively update the entire appearance of your exterior living space. Explore the possibility of installing a custom gate to enhance your home’s architectural style. Select an appropriate motif, and then tie into the current exterior paint color scheme by utilizing existing door, window and trim colors. Gates that feature contrasting colors with the current deck space create a vibrant and eye-catching focal point that personalizes the outdoor living space.

Mixing and matching materials adds visual interest by displaying differing textures as part of the outdoor living area. Materials may differ in texture and fabrication, but they still provide colors that bear a definite resemblance to each other. For example, a homeowner may opt to combine stone-colored poured concrete asymmetrical pavers with sand-colored rectangular brick pavers to produce a unique flooring pattern. The exterior flooring can be customized further by painting the concrete with a quality product that mimics the appearance of brick pavers that appear weathered by age.

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By applying a paint application that lends a distressed flavor to the concrete flooring, the entire surface becomes stylishly and harmoniously unified. Wood, metal and synthetic materials can be attractively painted, then partnered with interesting flooring patterns and fabrications to produce dynamic outdoor styles that enhance both the color scheme and architectural style of the entire house.

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