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What could be more delightful than an English country garden in the summer months, full to the brim with flower favourites, and buzzing with insect life, and many more inhabitants in the garden such as birds, frogs, hedgehogs.

English garden has three basic premises, the first is a few vivid-coloured perennials, the second is more flowing paths and beds, the third is more creative using water features and arbours that gives a garden a sense of mystery.

English garden flowers are hardy and can grow just about anywhere, and lavender an absolutely favourite in English gardens is a hardy perennial that thrives in well-drained rocky or gravelled soil and does not need too much fertilizer.

The blooms of the lavender are in shades of purple, and the scent is sweet and a very popular one, the fragrance has been bottled, distilled and sold as a perfume, air freshener and essential oil, and was a preferred toilet water for Victorian women.


Yarrow is also seen in many English gardens, and if very often planted against walls as a background flower for beds and shorter foliage, this plant is a perennial that blooms with disk-shaped flowers at the top of tall, slender, woody stalks. The flowers are lovely in white, light pink and yellow tones, and need very little maintenance.

Many gardeners choose English daisies with their blooms of tiny petals surrounding a yellow centre grow in white, shades of pink and red, the flower has gained the nickname of double daisy simply because of its many petal rows.

The begonia is grown indoors or seen in beds in the English garden and look lovely in many shades, many other flowers are favourites such as roses, sweet peas, daffodils, tulips, and gardeners the country over will each and every year will make their beds look spectacular with wonderful bedding plants.

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The geranium plant is a favourite not only in an English garden but gardens around Europe, the word geranium comes from the Greek work geranos which means crane also the flowers other common name is cranesbill describing the appearance of the seed heads, like the bill of a crane.

The hardy geranium is an additional tag used to differentiate geraniums from pelargoniums, which form another genus dating back to the 18th century. Prior to that, geraniums and pelargoniums were together in one group. There are more than 400 species of annual, perennial and biennial geranium plants and more than 200 species of annual and perennial pelargoniums.

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