Creating A Zen Garden

Creating A Zen Garden – Life in our era is down right brutal. With phone calls left and right, deadlines piling up the desk and errands here and there, how will one be able to find the time to take it easy? No one has the time to go on a vacation all the time, let alone afford it. There is a quick fix to this problem. Create a Zen garden in your backyard.

There are just a few simple basic components in making a Zen garden. There are a number of easy and convenient steps to start making your desperately needed oasis. A Zen garden features all the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. It’s understood that you only have to worry about the first two. Fire can be an outdoor fire place or even as simple as firing up a couple of wood pieces. Fire can also be represented by the color red. You can put red pillows, seat covers, outdoor drapes, rugs, etc. to best represent this element. Water on the other hand should be in the state of running water. The sound of running water has been proven to calm the nerves so this makes it a must have. A fountain can be used to rectify this effect.

There are second hand fountains that are sold in flee markets or warehouses. Don’t worry. There are lost of great deals out there. Besides, fountain doesn’t have to be new or big. The important thing is to have running water.

Plants are great editions to a Zen garden. Flowering plants like orchids can go with the all the natural elements featured in a Zen garden. Choose plants that shed their leaves in a short period of time. This way you won’t have to clean up frequently. Remember your objectives are to relax and reflect.

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A shade or a canopy has to be placed if you do not have a roofed area in your backyard. This will be your hung out when you need to be alone. Silks and muted colored drapes jive with the calming elements in your Zen garden. Light materials tend to sway with the wind thus giving you a sense of comfort and ease.

Seating is of course required. Try to re-purpose what you already have. A cushioned chair or a Madonna lounge can be lovely in your Zen garden. Include also a table or two (preferably wood to tie up with the theme). Once this is set, you will have the opportunity to meditate, to invite friends over for tea or take an afternoon, well deserved nap.

It is undeniable that life can be over bearing. Sometimes there is a need to step out and rest. A Zen garden allows you just that. It is a place to run to and to pray. It is a place to think. It is a place to reflect on one’s day. It is a place so well deserved by you.

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