Creating Landscape That Children Love

Creating Landscape That Children Love – When you are planning a re-design of your garden landscape, it is important to take into consideration the needs of your children. While many of the in-vogue looks are stunningly beautiful, not all of them are very conducive to the lifestyle of children. If you are a parent looking to make some major changes in your yard, then the following elements can be wonderful additions to consider:

1. Different levels: If your property has a slant or slope to it at all, then adding some levels into the landscape can be both beautiful and functional for children. Give your kids something to climb over with some large rocks, retaining walls, fenced areas, and other such features that will add varied layers to your yard.

2. Hardy vegetation: Delicate blooms and intricate leaves have no place in the play area of children. When you add vegetation to the property that children roam through, it needs to be tough flora and fauna. Make sure that all of the plants you introduce to this new ecosystem will be able to handle the tiny hands and feet that will be at the top of the food chain.

3. Water features: Some people may say that water features are dangerous to have around children, but in all honesty, kids love these features. If you are worried about potential danger, then choose a feature that involves a trickle instead of a large flow and that does not include a reservoir of deep water. Children are drawn to water features, as these elements engage their curiosity and imagination and help them to get more in touch with the beauties of nature.

Safe water feature

4. Play apparatus: It might not seem like the most classy thing to upgrade your landscape with a jungle gym, but if you want your kids to get outside and play, then they need a place that they can really get busy and active on. The best thing about including something like this into your plan is that it can distract the kids from wandering into other areas of the design that you don’t want little feet in. Putting up something like this will help to designate an area all for them.

5. Butterfly flower garden: There are some flowers that butterflies love and seek out. By including these flowers into your design, you will be allowing your children the chance to observe one of the most beautiful and fascinating members of the insect kingdom. This is a very simple way to add some biology education into their lives.

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