Creative Ideas For Garden Design

Creative ideas for garden design – The patio and garden can be decorated in a different way other than by planting different plants. There are many ways to achieve successful design. Apart from flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees, beautiful garden should have carefully designed footpaths, lighting, seating and tiny embellishments. Color in your garden can be easily added by planting different kinds of plants. Nothing improves the appearance of the garden as a beautiful and cherished flowers.

Every detail in the garden is in fact a decorative one. Whether it’s the pot, the choice of gravel for the paths, benches, lamps or birdhouses, you can let your imagination run wild and play with everything you get your hands on.

Arrange your potted plants in an unusual way – use an old watering can, wooden barrels or old bicycle. Benches where you sit in the shade may be unusual, wood, metal, composite stone or concrete with seat cushions and the like. Discrete lamps with solar charging are very effective and agreeable at the time of sunset, so you can put them in the garden among the flowers. In the countryside, you can put large stones, decorative mushrooms and the similar object you like. They will add color or make the contrast between the colors and materials that are intertwined.
Create your own water feature. The equipment for it can be purchased in specialized stores and can be easily installed in your backyard or patio.

Create a retaining wall wherever needed, use concrete blocks with texture made for this purpose. The trellis are another easy addition and can be very charming. Also, they can create a private atmosphere.

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In the bottom of the garden you can set up chairs and a table or arbor. Select an airy structure rather than heavy, solid construction, and colored to match the surrounding greenery. Spray paint the wooden elements in the garden to get colored accents, or simply color them in green.

Allow the children to choose their own chairs and coffee table. So will the colorful elements make outdoor living more attractive to them. Place flower pots on the dull walls to cover them.

Aromatherapy is not just for the bathroom. Fragrant garden has a relaxing effect on the body. Rosemary and lavender are known for their relaxing scent, and you can use a lot of flowering plants that will smell beautifully throughout the summer. Keep hanging baskets fresh, especially in a hot days, watering them regularly (even twice a day if required).

A popular trick is to create an arc of wooden beams over which you will let a climbing roses and similar plants to grow. On the top of the arc you can place a mirror that will make it look as if the garden continues through the arch covered with flowers.

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