Creative Ideas For The Fall Garden

Creative Ideas For The Fall Garden – It is a good idea to go round the garden in fall and see which areas could be livened up with new plants. Start by simply ensuring that you have plenty of late-flowering plants, such as asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias and fall-flowering clematis. Fuchsias also have a wonderfully long season.

Colorful foliage is another essential feature, especially on climbers, and a novel way of letting everyone see it is by training the likes of Vitis and Parthenocissus over a pergola.

In fact the sensational colors are even more exciting when you are standing underneath, on a sunny day, looking up at the sky through a thick film of orange and red. However, gardens do not have to rely just on bright colors for interest. Areas covered in gravel with specimen evergreens and grasses chosen for their architectural interest add interest. They will be just as attractive in fall as in spring and summer, perhaps more so if the grasses have beautiful beige flowerheads.

Conifers are important link in the creative ideas for the fall garden. Conifers are also extremely useful, coming in all shapes and sizes from dwarf varieties to the pencil thin ‘exclamation marks’, which can be used to create formal Italian-style gardens. They can be used as dividers and focal points, and have a surprising range of different colored foliage: all shades of deep or bright green, soft pale blue-grey, brilliant yellow and even coppery bronze.

Besides adding new plants, the fall is a good time of year to see exactly where artificial constructs would add interest to the fall garden, including statues, pillars, pergolas and gazebos.

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